Thanksgiving Preparations and International Shipping to South America!

Thanksgiving Preparations and International Shipping to South America!

Thanksgiving is coming up, and that means one thing: we have to start preparing the recipes! There are some foods that are crucial for Thanksgiving, and are considered the most popular for the holiday. 

The turkey is a favorite dish for Thanksgiving festivities. Turkeys are native to the Americas, specifically forests in North America and Mexico. There are plenty of recipes for turkey with stuffing, but many people like plain cooked turkey. 

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Cranberry sauce 

Cranberry sauce is another famous appetizer, or sauce to compliment the turkey. This dish is probably the simplest to make. Simply boiling the cranberries and adding a few spices will yield a delicious sauce. 

Cranberries are native to the Native Americans, who ate them as fresh fruit. They are one of three fruits native to the Americas, including concord grapes and blueberries. reliable international shipping companies like K International Transport can ship your cargo overseas with containerized shipping services. However, we can’t ship food, so eat up! 

mashed potatoes and gravy

Potatoes are thought to be native to Peru, where Spanish conquistadors discovered them and brought them back to Europe. This dish can be enjoyed plain, or with gravy on top. 

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