Международная автомобильная перевозка груза

Вы: Заинтересованы в грузить автомобиль за границей из США? Ищете надежного международного пароходства? К International Transport может помочь!  Многие международные судоходные компании могут предложить услуги, чтобы помочь экспортных грузов из США. К International Transport имеет специфические услуги международной доставки, чтобы помочь вам в процессе! Мы можем отправить груз за границу из любого порта в США, в […]

Cold Weather has hit! What to do about International Shipping!?

You know winter has started when upstate New York gets over 3 feet of snow! But no worries, despite the cold weather, international shipping services are still on!  K International can ship your cargo with containerized shipping, which transports your cargo overseas safely, and protects it from the elements (cold weather, in this case!) Besides […]

Thanksgiving Preparations and International Shipping to South America!

Thanksgiving is coming up, and that means one thing: we have to start preparing the recipes! There are some foods that are crucial for Thanksgiving, and are considered the most popular for the holiday.  Turkey The turkey is a favorite dish for Thanksgiving festivities. Turkeys are native to the Americas, specifically forests in North America […]

Guinness World Record Day! Ship Internationally today!

11/13/11 was national Guinness World Record day. To celebrate the occasion, the tallest person in the world took a photo with the shortest person in the world.  (This is Sultan Kösen (8’3) and Chandra Bahadur Dangi ( 21.5 inches)  No matter how big or small your cargo is, reliable international shipping companies, like K International Transport, can ship it overseas quickly […]

Right Brain/ Left Brain and International Shipping!

Many people know about the brain dominance phenomenon. There are two hemispheres in the brain (left and right) and supposedly, a different side is dominant in each person. Some people are “left-brained” and some are “right-brained.”But how does this relate to international shipping services?The truth is, this relates to all aspects of life! Brain dominance […]