Shipping to Boma and Stressed Out With All the Requirements?

Shipping to Boma and Stressed Out With All the Requirements?

When shipping your car or construction equipment overseas it is important to always check with the foreign country of import for all requirements.  Oftentimes, we can easily ship your car from the United States but then you might run into problems on the other side when you car reaches.   Are you looking to ship your car or construction equipment to Boma?  Frustrated with all the import requirements or unsure what documentation you need? As one of the best automobile shipping companies with service to Boma, K International knows what you need to ship your car to Boma and Matadi without delay.  

Due to customs regulations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the following documentation must be prepared before you can ship your car or other goods from the United States to Boma:

  • Commercial Invoice / Bill of Sale – the commercial invoice or bill of sale will help identify the value of your cargo.  You will also need a copy of this for customs clearance in DR Congo.
  • Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (FERI) (CTN) – one of the most common reasons for delay in shipping to Boma is missing CTN numbers.  Several steamship lines will not load your cargo on-board their vessel without the cargo tracking note number.  The  CTN is an additional cost separate from the international car shipping costs.  We can help our customers obtain the CTN for all cargo.
  • Packing list – if you are shipping a container with furniture and other items from  your house to Boma you will need to provide a complete packing list detailing what is going inside your container.

 If you plan to ship your car to Boma or Matadi trust K International Transport to offer the best international car shipping rates and service on the market.  We can provide affordable car shipping quotes to Boma from the United States.  For more information contact us via email at: or by phone: 212-267-6400

For all our customers already located in DR Congo, you can also reach us by Skype: kinternationalny

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