This is a Story of When Harry Came Home and Told Sally….We’re Moving to Sweden

Every smart husband knows…happy wife, happy life.  And every husband who has ever had to move their family abroad knows the difficulties it brings when they have to inform their spouse of their new change in scenery.  Although we do not employ certified marriage counselors here at K International Transport, we figured the below story […]

Shipping to Boma and Stressed Out With All the Requirements?

When shipping your car or construction equipment overseas it is important to always check with the foreign country of import for all requirements.  Oftentimes, we can easily ship your car from the United States but then you might run into problems on the other side when you car reaches.   Are you looking to ship […]

Roll On / Roll Off Shipping – What is it? Why do it?

There are a variety of international shipping methods, each having different strengths depending on what cargo you are shipping overseas. One of the methods that is growing fastest in capacity and popularity is Roll On / Roll Off shipping. These ships have built in ramps that make them particularly suited for shipping cars overseas; the […]