St. George’s, Grenada

The St. George’s port in Grenada sits on the southwestern end of the island and is known as the “spice of the Caribbean.” The port’s main exports are bananas, cocoa, and nutmeg, and the main imports are general cargo, food supplies, and construction equipment. The port is governed by the Grenada Port Authority, which has […]

Montevideo, Uruguay

On the southern coast of Uruguay sits Montevideo, a city home to half the country’s population and a key contributor to the economy. Montevideo is a free port, so there are fewer procedures around the circulation of goods, the length of storage, where goods are transported, and the taxes imposed on goods. The port’s main […]

Nassau, Bahamas

Known for its crystal-clear water, white sand beaches, beautiful art galleries, historical castles, and numerous forts, Nassau, Bahamas is not to be missed. Located in the northern Caribbean on the Arawak Cay, it is the largest and most visited port in the Country with around four million cruise passengers annually. The 300-year-old city sits just […]

Fort-de-France, Martinique

The next port K International Transport is highlighting is the Fort-de-France port in Martinique! The island is a part of the Lesser Antilles Archipelago in the French West Indies. Fort-de-France sits in the center of the west coast on the Bay of Flemings, is the country’s capital, and is also the largest city in the […]

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Just off the coast of Venezuela, lies the small island of Trinidad and Tobago. Once a colony of Spain, it is now a major hub for activity in the Caribbean. Its capital city, Port of Spain, inhabits the northwest corner off the Gulf of Paria and is home to the majority of the country’s retail […]

International Shipping to Drammen, Norway

The Port of Drammen In 2021, a new strategic plan was unveiled with the main goals focusing on sustainability, handling are car imports in the area, improving sea, road, and rail transports, constantly updating infrastructure, and using up-to-dateup to date technology. The port has since set new expansion goals for 2030 to make room for […]

Arica Chile

International Shipping to the Port of Arica, Chile Known as the “city of eternal spring,” Arica is Chile’s most northern city and lies just 18 km south of Peru. It is the capital of the Arica province and sits in the heart of the Atacama Desert. The Azapa and Lluta valleys produce the region’s best […]

Turku, Finland

On the southwestern coast of Finland, in the beautiful Baltic Sea, sits Turku, a small, quintessential, coastal European city known as the “Gateway to Finland.” Founded in 1229, the city is rich in history and home to over 20,000 islands that make up the larger Turku archipelago. Known for the River Aura and the famous […]

Bridgetown, Barbados

International Shipping to Oranjestad, ArubaPort of Call: Oranjestad, Aruba Barbados, a small island in the southeastern seas of the Caribbean, is known for its beautiful beaches and lively culture. The capital, Bridgetown, is located on the southwestern side of the country and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. The town has many […]

Santander, Spain

On the Northern coast of Spain, along the Bay of Biscay, sits the beautiful coastal town of Santander. The Bay, also shared by France, houses many of the oil and steel factories in the area. The town was originally founded by the Romans, however, in 1941, a large fire destroyed most of the town. The […]