Turku, Finland

On the southwestern coast of Finland, in the beautiful Baltic Sea, sits Turku, a small, quintessential, coastal European city known as the “Gateway to Finland.” Founded in 1229, the city is rich in history and home to over 20,000 islands that make up the larger Turku archipelago. Known for the River Aura and the famous Turku Castle, the city is also a popular cruise destination.

As the major hub for Scandinavian cargo traffic, the port takes its business very seriously. It is part of the European TEN-T transport network and core route system, expanding its opportunities and connections and allowing it to do business throughout Europe. Its vision is to “focus on functions supporting passenger traffic and transports of processed goods to Scandinavia and Central Europe.” The port also has customer orientation, reliability, renewal, and sustainability as its core values. One way the port ensures the highest environmental standards is by using technology to improve environmental protection and urban planning and imposing a tax on vessel charges to incentivize companies to be more sustainable.

The port consists of five berths and handles roll-on/roll-off and passenger traffic. It also has facilities to handle dry bulk, containers, and liquid cargo. The most common imports into Turku are timber, paper, granite, electronics, and agricultural products. The most common exports are iron, machinery, motor vehicles, and chemicals. The port’s main services are with vessels, cargo, and trucks, and they also have warehousing and rented area space that they operate. As a prominent port, it also has rigorous security standards. Lastly, the warehouse and terminal space occupy over 100,000 square meters and there is also room for over 500,000 cars in the outdoor storage space.

The port’s annual statistics are:

  • 2,7000 vessels
  • 3,400,000 tonnes of cargo
  • 23,000 TEU
  • 3,600,000 passengers

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