International Shipping to Drammen, Norway

The Port of Drammen

In 2021, a new strategic plan was unveiled with the main goals focusing on sustainability, handling are car imports in the area, improving sea, road, and rail transports, constantly updating infrastructure, and using up-to-dateup to date technology. The port has since set new expansion goals for 2030 to make room for over 50,000 cars, 60,000 20-foot containers, 300,000 tonnes of general cargo, and over 600,000 tonnes of bulk cargo. By 2030, they also hope to reach the new UN sustainable development goals by making all operations emission-freeemission free. Their main methods are to make cars and cranes electric, relocate freight transport to sea and rail as opposed to cars, and establish a greenbelt with trails and open spaces.

In addition to cars, the main imports are timber, paper, fruit, and general cargo. and it accepts contains, The port also accepts containers, steel, and wet and dry bulk. The port’sports main method for handling cargo is roll-on roll-off (RO/RO). The port also has a maritime hall which is used for official conferences, meetings, and events.

Lastly, Drammen’s missionmissions is that “the port must make a positive contribution to urban development and be an important player in environmental development.”

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