Not Sure Which International Car Shipping Company to Trust with your Bentley? Trust us, K International!

Not Sure Which International Car Shipping Company to Trust with your Bentley? Trust us, K International!

With over 20 years of experience in international car shipping, one thing every employee at K International has learned is this….people love their cars….actually, people REALLY love their cars.  And we completely understand this feeling, your car is an extension of your family, better than an extra mother-in-law and just as precious as another child, and we take care of our family and that’s why we treat every customer as such.  But one customer who cherishes their car just a little more than the next are Bentley drivers.  Whether you are moving overseas or purchased the Bentley of your dreams from the United States, we can help you ship your Bentley abroad.  K International Transport provides some of the best overseas car shipping services in the United States, and we will do everything we can to make sure your Bentley reaches its destination abroad safe and secure.

We recently shipped this Bentley Continental

As one of the best automobile shipping companies in the United States, K International’s car shipping experts will make sure to give you the best customer service.  We offer the following services:

  • Inland car transportation – utilizing our vast network of domestic car carriers, we can pick-up your car from any point in the United States and deliver it to the warehouse for loading, airport or port of departure.  We can pick up your Bentley with either an enclosed or open car carrier, whichever you prefer.
  • Expert container loading – we will make sure your Bentley is securely loaded inside the container.  Our warehouses are experts in loading cars in containers.
  • Affordable overseas car shipping service – whether you are shipping by ro/ro, container or air we will always try to find you the best international car shipping rates 
  • Safe and secure international shipping services – we only use top-notch, first-class international shipping companies.  You can breathe easy knowing your car is safe and secure.

If you need help shipping your Bentley abroad contact K International Transport.  We offer ro/ro, container and air international car shipping services for Bentley owners worldwide.  To receive international car shipping rates visit our automobile rates request page.  You can also contact us by email: / Phone: 212-267-6400 / Skype: kinternationalny

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