Necessary Items to Submit before Transporting an Automobile Overseas

Necessary Items to Submit before Transporting an Automobile Overseas

When transporting an automobile, whether it is contemporary or vintage, all experienced international shipping companies will ask clients to provide the same paperwork to ensure that the shipment proceeds efficiently. Among these items include the full name and address of the shipper in the United States, photo identification of the shipper, prepayment in full, full name and contact information for the consignee, commercial value of the car, the original title of the vehicle, the desired date of shipment, and a power of attorney form.

If interested in international automobile shipping services, the client might first prepay the freight forwarding company in full. This, along with telling the company their desired shipment date or arrival time, will ensure that the automobile shipment can be scheduled in an efficient and timely way. If this requirement is delayed, the shipment may be scheduled late and the client’s deadlines may not be met.

The shipping company will then need the shipper’s and consignee’s information, including full name, address, and contact information. A picture ID and EIN number may also be required. This is to ensure that the company has the information for both the person shipping the vehicle, and the person picking it up from the destination port.

Finally, to complete the overseas car transport process, the client should provide a power of attorney form and an original title for the vehicle. The power of attorney form grants the shipping company permission to act on behalf of the client in legal or financial matters during the shipment, while the original title of the car is necessary for customs and can be picked up from the dealership.

With these requirements fulfilled, clients can successfully transport their automobiles to virtually any port overseas. While each country may have different requirements for accepting imported vehicles, these forms are a good place to start!