International Construction Equipment Shipping for Excavators / Cranes / Dump Trucks to Port Lome, Togo

International Construction Equipment Shipping¬†is easy, efficient, and reliable with a trustworthy¬†international shipping company. K International can help you transport all Capterpillar / Komatsu / Kobelco equipment to Port Lome, Togo, including: bulldozers, cranes, tractor trailers, dump trucks, excavators, and more!   K International Transport can ship your cargo from any port in the United States, […]

Necessary Items to Submit before Transporting an Automobile Overseas

When transporting an automobile, whether it is contemporary or vintage, all experienced international shipping companies will ask clients to provide the same paperwork to ensure that the shipment proceeds efficiently. Among these items include the full name and address of the shipper in the United States, photo identification of the shipper, prepayment in full, full […]

The Process of International Construction Equipment Shipping

With international construction equipment shipping, companies can help clients transport all types of equipment, including excavators, dump trucks, cranes, bulldozers, and more from Kobelco, Caterpillar, and Komatsu. Although the heavy equipment shipping process may differ slightly from the method of transporting other goods, there is much regularity in the general freight forwarding process. When transporting […]

Overseas Car Transport Services to Port Koper, Slovenia from the United States!

International automobile shipping to Port Koper, Slovenia is easy and efficient with the services offered by K International, as well as the reliable port itself! The Republic of Slovenia serves as the meeting point for several European countries including Italy, Hungary, Austria and Croatia. This cultural haven is 50% forest with a small coastal line […]