What Information Will I Need to Ship My Car Overseas?

What Information Will I Need to Ship My Car Overseas?

So you’ve received a car shipping price and want to know what is next. The next step, in order to smoothly ship a car overseas, is to begin gathering all the necessary documents and pieces of information you will need during the shipping process:

1.                  Full name, address, and contact phone number of the shipper in the United States.  The shipper is the person who receives the primary benefit from the shipment of the vehicle; in many cases this is the owner of the vehicle at the time it is shipped.

2.                  Full name, address and contact phone number of the consignee (recipient) at destination.  This must be an address in the destination country; you may use name of shipper with a c/o address at destination.

3.                  Title Number and State of issue of vehicle’s original title. Vehicle Identification Number for Shipper’s Export Declaration purposes. The Original Title is necessary for export customs clearance. Some states require further documents, like a notarized bill of sale.

4.                  Vehicles with liens on them may not be exported. If the vehicle at one point had a lien, we must present U.S. Customs with a notarized Lien Release Letter on the Lien-holder’s stationery.

4.                  If shipper is an individual, copy of a picture I.D. of shipper.

5.                  If shipper is an individual you can apply for an individual EIN number. You can do this by visiting www.irs.gov/businesses/small and selecting “Employer ID Numbers (EIN).”  Social security numbers are no longer accepted for shipments by individuals. If shipper is a company, the Tax ID number of the company would be used. This is required by U.S.law for us to complete shipper’s export declaration (SED).  These numbers will be kept confidential and will only be used as required to ship your items. The Shipper’s Export Declaration is only used for United States Census statistics.

The above should give you a head start for shipping automobiles internationally, and expedite the shipping process. If you have skipped ahead and haven’t received a car shipping quote yet, please visit or rate request page, and we will catch you up. You can also send an email to inquiries@kinternational.com or give us a call (212) 267-6400.