U.S Open and International Shipping go Hand-in-Hand!

U.S Open and International Shipping go Hand-in-Hand!

Now that the U.S Open finally started, that means intense
matches, dedicated fans, and a bunch of famous tennis players walking around in New York City! With the start of
this widely watched sporting event, there are also players that are predicted to get far in the

These tennis players should do well against their
opponents, so keep an eye out! 

  1. Novak Djokovic

     Originally from Belgrade, Serbia,
Novak Djokovic is a talented tennis player who’s already proven his potential by beating his opponent in the
first round, and moving on to the second round of the U.S Open.  

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    2. Maria

    to Novak, Maria Sharapova breezed through the first round of the U.S Open, to move on to the second round.
    She is originally from Nyagan, Russia, and is well known for her roll in advertising and commercials, in
    addition to tennis. 

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    3. Roger

    Federer is a Swiss tennis player who is ranked the number 3rd best tennis player in the world, and was in
    the top 10 since 2001. On top of that, he is a favorite to win the U.S Open in the men’s
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    4. Serena

    tennis player has always gotten very far in tournaments like the U.S Open, and is considered to be one of
    the best female tennis players in the world. 

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