The Founding Fathers and International Shipping!

The Founding Fathers and International Shipping!

With Independence Day still fresh in everyone’s mind and fireworks still decorating the sky, isn’t it time to look at those who made the United States what it is today? 

We are talking about the Founding Fathers, of course! 

They not only helped draft the constitution and other official documents regarding the start of this country and its independence from England, but also came up with all of the ideas about government that we still use today. Without their ideas, there would be no America, and more importantly, no international shipping services

So here are some of the most important founding fathers: 

George Washington
Everyone knows him as the 1st president of the United States, but not everyone knows about the sacrifices he made to get there. First, the battles he lead as an inexperienced general in the Revolutionary War had a profound affect on the aftermath of the war, and eventually the defeat of England. Also, Washington was one of the first Founding Fathers to “outline” what he thought the government should be like. 
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Benjamin Franklin
This Founding Father not only contributed to the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, AND the Constitution, but was also a scientist and writer on the side! He was a Jack of all trades, and worked up to a very old age. He was the oldest delegate at the Continental Congress (over 80 years old)!
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Alexander Hamilton
Founding Father, secretary of the treasury, and economic genius? Yes, that sounds like Alexander Hamilton. He ran the treasury, but did so in a way that was unorthodox and not understood by everyone. His federalist policies, especially those involving the National Bank of the United States, revolutionized the country’s economy. Unfortunately he was killed in a duel at a young age, otherwise, who knows what else he’d do?
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Watch this Alexander Hamilton rap to truly understand his inspirational life!
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