Stranger Things Have Been Done…How to Ship Unusual Stuff Overseas

Stranger Things Have Been Done…How to Ship Unusual Stuff Overseas

**The below story is based on true events**

At K International we have shipped everything from cars to milk powder, so virtually anything is possible and we do everything we can to help our customers ship their items overseas.  To help you understand that just about anything can be shipped internationally we will share the story of our customer “Tom” who decided to move to Indonesia.   At first glance, this seems like nothing out of the ordinary, but what Tom wanted to ship was far from ordinary.  Tom ran a successful shop in NYC and he wanted to bring it along with him, still think this is ordinary right?  But what Tom wanted to ship was…his butcher shop…here is Tom’s story:

Tom was a local neighborhood butcher in NYC.  Well-known and loved in his neighborhood, his shop did very well.  But Tom tired of the NYC life and was ready to move on to his next adventure.

Tom was a very successful butcher in NYC.
But he was tired of the busy city life.

Tom decided to trade the busy streets of NYC for the easy beach life of Indonesia.  Although Tom wanted a quiet life, he didn’t want to leave behind his beloved butcher shop.  He called K International Transport to ask about shipping his car and furniture and other household items to Indonesia.  This was no problem and K International told Tom how they could help him load his car and household items including furniture, books and other person items inside a container. Tom was pleased with K International’s superb international shipping services for his car and furniture.  

But Tom couldn’t think of what to do with his beloved shop.  He didn’t want to sell it but he wasn’t sure if he could bring it along.  He decided to ask K International and see if they had any ideas.  K International let Tom know “I don’t see why not!”, “Since your shop is located in a busy part of Manhattan we can bring a container to your shop late at night to avoid causing any traffic jams and you can load all your shop equipment in the container!”  Tom jumped for joy!  He wouldn’t have to leave behind his beloved shop.

Tom jumped for joy when K International told him they could help ship his butcher shop

A few weeks later Tom packed the last meat slicer in it’s shipping crate in preparation for container loading.  That night while the city was quiet, Tom’s container was brought to his butcher shop and Tom and his friends loaded his butcher shop inside.  Tom packed all his equipment inside his container with no problem.  After he finished loading the truck driver closed the container door and placed a seal on the door.  Tom’s container was ready for delivery to port and international shipping to Indonesia.

A few weeks later Tom’s butcher shop, car and furniture all arrived safely in Indonesia.  Tom was ecstatic, he could enjoy the beaches and monkey’s of Indonesia and still have his beloved meat shop.  Tom soon became the talk of the town and was yet again the favorite neighborhood butcher.  Tom called K International to let them know they were the best international shipping company, and he was happy and relaxed in Indonesia.

Because of K International’s convenient international shipping services to Indonesia,
Tom was able to enjoy his butcher shop among the palm trees of beautiful Indonesia

You too can live your dream abroad, let K International help.  We offer the best international shipping services and can help you move anything from the United States to all available ports around the world.  Contact us today to receive international shipping rates, we can be reached by phone at 212-267-6400, email: and Skype:kinternationalny

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