Shipping Your Household Goods and Automobiles to Czech Republic

Shipping Your Household Goods and Automobiles to Czech Republic

Are you an expat from the Czech Republic in the United States preparing to return home? Interested in shipping your household goods and / or car to the Czech Republic and looking for reliable international shipping companies in the United States and the Czech Republic who can help you with your move back home?

Although landlocked between several countries in Europe including Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia, international transport to Czech Republic is possible through a large network of reliable intermodal (rail) and trucking services. K International Transport has years of experience working with some of the best and most affordable overseas shipping companies in the Czech Republic. So how does international transportation to the Czech Republic work? Simple! We will quickly describe the procedure for overseas car transport and household goods shipping to the Czech Republic:

When shipping household goods and personal effects to the Czech Republic we can offer door to door service at a very affordable cost! First we will provide an ocean container at your front door in the USA for you to pack your personal items inside. Normally we allow up to two (2) hours for you to load. Once your items are packed we deliver the container to the port in the USA, ship it to a port in Germany and then one of our international shipping companies will handle the container from there.

Once in Germany our agent in the Czech Republic will route your container to the closest rail station near your final destination in Czech Republic and then truck it to your door. Our overseas agent in the Czech Republic can also assist you with import customs entry, port fees and all other necessary import items.

Interested in shipping an automobile to the Czech Republic along with your personal effects? K International Transport can provide international car shipping services to the Czech Republic as well! All vehicles shipped overseas in container must be professionally packed. We will have your vehicle properly loaded at our closest warehouse and then have the container delivered to your door for you to pack your household items. We can also have our warehouse professionally load your items with your vehicle if you prefer.

International shipping to the Czech Republic from the United States is easy with K International Transport. Trust us with your household goods shipping and international car transport to the Czech Republic. If you are interested in learning more about our international shipping services to the Czech Republic then send us an email at: . You can also visit our overseas car shipping rate request page to receive car shipping quotes to the Czech Republic or visit our full container load (FCL) rate request page to receive international household goods shipping quotes.