Shipping Used and New Machinery and Industrial Equipment from the United States

Shipping Used and New Machinery and Industrial Equipment from the United States

In 2011 the United States exported over $200 billion worth of used and new machinery.  Whether you are purchasing machinery from the east coast, west coast, midwest or the south of the US, we can help you ship your machinery overseas.  Shipping machinery requires special handling and knowledge to make sure your machinery is shipped safely and securely.  When it comes to international used and new machinery shipping we are the leading overseas shipping experts.

If you are in the market for used machinery, the best place to buy is the United States.  You can save thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars buying used machinery from the United States.  Why is the United States one of the world’s best suppliers of used machinery and equipment?  Because used machinery and equipment in the United States is normally in excellent condition, able to operate smoothly for another 10 or more years, affordable, and very reliable.  Additionally, international container shipping service is available from the US to all worldwide destinations.  Whether you are in Korea, Chile, South Africa or India, there is an abundance of international shipping services from the United States for used machinery and equipment.

Need help shipping used equipment and machinery from the United States?  As a leading international used machinery and industrial equipment shipping company we have the expertise to ship your machinery in open top and closed containers and via breakbulk service.  The above illustrates our professional packing and shipping expertise for used machinery.

As one of the best and longest standing international shipping companies shipping used and new machinery and industrial equipment from the United States, we have the expertise to handle just about any type of equipment.  If you are looking to buy and ship used block making machinery, plastic machinery equipment, cutting machines, wire working machinery, tool making machinery, electrical machinery, power generating equipment, wood working machinery equipment, steel making machinery, casters, nail machines, and other used equipment from the United States we can help!  We have shipped most types of machinery and equipment internationally from the United States.  We offer a large range of international machinery and equipment shipping services.  Our overseas machinery and equipment shipping services include:

  • International container shipping for used and new machinery and equipment
  • International breakbulk shipping for oversized and very large used and new machinery and equipment
  • Professional packaging services for machinery and equipment being shipped internationally including: skidding, palletizing, shrink wrapping, and crating
  • International project cargo handling 
  • Factory breakdown, dismantling and rigging of machinery and equipment
  • Professional logistics services including drafting packing lists, commercial invoices and coordinating equipment and machinery loading for shipping overseas.  Our detailed machinery shipping experts will keep track of every nut and bolt and make sure all pieces of your machinery and equipment is shipped.
  • Inland transportation and heavy hauling for used machinery and equipment to any port in the United States

If you are wondering how to ship used or new machinery and equipment from the United States, let us be your shipping expert!  When searching for overseas shipping companies specializing in shipping machinery and equipment from the US, look no further than K International Transport.  To receive used and new machinery and equipment international shipping quotes, send as an email at or visit or rate request pages.  For more information on our machinery and equipment international shipping services or if you have a question about your machinery shipping costs and rates give us a call at 212-267-6400 or on Skype: kinternationalny.  When looking for a professional global machinery and industrial equipment shipping, turn to K International!

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