New Years and International Shipping (Part 2!)

New Years and International Shipping (Part 2!)

Happy almost-New Year from K International! Everyone celebrates the start of a new year differently, so let’s look at some traditions around the world (and think about K International’s international shipping services while you read!) 

In Thailand on New Years, someone would always fire guns when the clock struck 12. This was done to ward off demons. 

File:King's Standard of Thailand.svg

In Spain, 12 grapes are eaten at midnight. Grapes are considered a lucky food, and eating them on New Years is supposed to bring luck to the upcoming year. 
File:Escudo de España (mazonado).svg
In the Netherlands, they drink hot, spiced wine to ring in the new year. 

No matter where you are shipping, or which traditions you prefer, a reliable international shipping company like K International, can help you out! 

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