K International Presents: House Hunters International – International Moving Services to Brazil

K International Presents: House Hunters International – International Moving Services to Brazil

With over 40 years of experience in the international shipping industry, we have helped move thousands of customers from the United States to countries all over the globe including Italy, France, Sweden, Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, Thailand and Brazil.  Every year businesses send workers from the United States to new offices in Brazil.  Our international moving services to Brazil from the USA are among the best.  In order to demonstrate what our customers have experienced while moving to Brazil we present a House Hunters International situation: Moving from Brooklyn, NY to Brooklin, Sao Paulo, Brazil!

Ana and Roberto were a young couple living in Brooklyn, NY and they both worked at the same building development firm. They enjoyed riding their bike, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge and having picnics in Prospect Park. Their time in Brooklyn was coming to an end though.  When their firm decided to open a new office in Brazil, they turned to Ana and Roberto to help get the office moving.  After their company agreed to pay for their international moving expenses to Brazil, they decided to make the big leap and move from the USA to Brazil!

Ana and Roberto enjoyed their life in Brooklyn, NY, but they were excited for their move from the USA to the vibrant city of Sao Paulo, Brazil

While preparing for their move overseas to Brazil from the United States, they needed a reliable international moving company to help them decide how they should ship all of their personal belongings to Brazil.  Their move to Brazil was only temporary so they turned to K International Transport to help guide them on the best way to ship to Brazil.  K International told Ana and Roberto they could ship their furniture and other personal belongings in a shipping container from their door in Brooklyn, NY, USA  to Santos, Brazil, the closest port to Sao Paulo.

Under their work visa Ana and Roberto were able to ship their furniture and other personal items to Brazil free of duty.  They provided K International with a packing list of items they wanted to ship to Brazil including Ana’s pilates and exercise equipment and Roberto’s architectural equipment he needed for his job.  K International Ana and Roberto know they could ship their equipment, furniture and tools in a 20′ container.  As part of the professional international shipping services offered for customers moving abroad from the United States, K International offered to have a container delivered to their door and they could load the container with all of their items.  The international freight quote they received for their overseas moving and shipping was very affordable!  Roberto and Ana packed their belongings and prepared to load their container.

Ana wanted to make sure she could ship all of her exercise equipment to her new home in Brazil.

After loading their container with their furniture, kitchen equipment, exercise equipment and tools, K International shipped their container overseas to Santos, Brazil.  While waiting for their container to arrive, Ana and Roberto started looking at apartments in Sao Paulo. They wanted a place that had enough room for Ana’s exercise equipment and an office.  Since they were from Brooklyn, NY they decided the ideal place to live in Brazil was in the Brooklin area of Sao Paulo.  Ana and Roberto’s real estate agent got to work right away to find the perfect apartment.  

The first apartment Ana and Roberto visited in the Brooklin neighborhood was in a busy location and had an extra room for an office, but the room was very small.  The apartment had city views but they were hoping for views of the Pinheiros River.  The second apartment they visited in Brooklin had plenty of space for all of Ana’s exercise equipment and for Roberto’s work equipment, but again there were no good views.

The first two apartments in Brooklin were in a crowded area and did not have river views

 The third apartment was in a newly constructed building with two bedrooms and amazing views of the river.  The two bedrooms were large enough to hold Ana’s exercise equipment and Roberto’s work equipment.  Although the apartment wasn’t as big as the other two, it had the best river views in Sao Paulo and was the most updated.

The third apartment had fantastic views of Sao Paulo’s Pinheiros River.

A few days later Ana and Roberto’s 20′ shipping container of their furniture, exercise equipment and household items arrived in Brazil from the USA.  Although relocating to Brazil was sometimes stressful, using one of the best international shipping companies specializing in moving abroad and relocation services, really made their experience easier.  Ana and Roberto looked forward to starting their new life in Brazil including enjoying carnival and watching football (soccer games).

Ana and Roberto looked forward to their new adventure in Brazil!

Are you like Roberto and Ana and are moving to Brazil?  If you are moving abroad to Brazil we can help you ship all your personal items from the United States to ports in Santos, Suape, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Paranagua and Rio Grande!  Whether you are moving abroad to retire or have been transferred for your job, we can help with your international moving needs!  If you are moving or relocating abroad we can help ship your furniture, cars, personal items, motorcycles and more from the United States to almost any country. To receive international shipping quotes send us an email at inquiries@kinternational.com or give us a call at 212-267-6400.  You can also reach us on Skype: kinternationalny

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