K International Presents: House Hunters International: International Moving and Shipping to Central America

K International Presents: House Hunters International: International Moving and Shipping to Central America

 Last week we presented House Hunter’s International: Moving Abroad to Australia.  We always receive rate requests from customers all around the US looking to move abroad.  One hot spot region of the world teeming with USA expats is Central America.  USA expats gravitate towards Central America for its close proximity, beautiful weather, friendly locals and for great surfing!  Central American hotspots for surfing include Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama.  And at K International Transport we offer some of the best overseas car shipping and international shipping rates to ports in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama!  If you are a fan of House Hunter’s International, and you are thinking about moving to Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Belize or Honduras then this blog is for you!  To help you better understand the popularity of the new surfer’s mecca we present to you today another edition of “House Hunters International: Mario Moves to Central America.”

Mario was an accomplished NYC trader living the fast-paced downtown lifestyle in FiDi (the Financial District).  Mario enjoyed his life in FiDi – working out at his local gym, working at his job, dining at Cipriani and spending time with his fiance Claire.

While Mario made a lot of money as a Wall Street trader, but he longed for a more solitude life

Although Mario enjoyed the FiDi lifestyle, he always wished he could live sun-soaked life of a surfer.  Mario had all the money in the world…now he just needed to relax.  So Mario made the decision to move to sunny Costa Rica and live the life he dreamed about.

Mario’s fiance Claire was excited to move to beautiful Costa Rica but only on one condition…that she get to bring her collection of NYC faux fur coats.  Claire had three closet’s worth of faux fur coats, Mario wasn’t sure if they would be able to bring everything, so he called K International Transport for some advice.

Although the average temperature in Costa Rica is always in the 70’s, Claire couldn’t possibly depart without her beloved fur collection

Mario: “Hello K International!, my beautiful fiance Claire wants to ship her collection of faux fur coats along with our furniture, kitchen supplies, surf boards, 2009 Hummer H2 vehicle, Harley Davidson motorcycle, jet ski and appliances to Costa Rica from the United States.  Help!  How do I ship all my stuff to Costa Rica!?”

K International Transport: “Mario, no worries! We can ship your collection of faux furs, furniture, kitchen supplies and appliances all in one container!  We might even be able to fit your jet ski and motorcycle in the container.”

Mario: “But what about my surfboards?  They are really expensive!  I need someone who will handle them with care.”

Mario wanted to make sure K International would ship his surfboard to Costa Rica safely

 K International Transport: “Mario, again no worries!  We can wrap your surfboards in special packaging to keep them from getting damaged.  We provide the best international shipping services to Central America, including Costa Rica.  We will handle all of your cargo with extra special care!”

Mario told Claire how K International Transport could help with their move overseas to Costa Rica.  After packing their downtown apartment K International’s professional warehouse loaded all of their belongings in their international shipping container.  Mario and Claire decided to visit Costa Rica and see if they could find a new house to fit all of their faux furs and gadgets.

The first house was a mansion in the hills of Costa Rica.  Claire loved the big closets that could accommodate all her fake furs K International was shipping to her. But Mario didn’t like how far it was from the beach.  The lake in front of the house was beautiful, but it was no good for surfing.

This house had plenty of room for Claire’s coats, but was too far from the beach and surfing

The second house was also another mansion.  This house was a bit closer to the beach, and had great views but Mario needed a bigger garage to hold his Hummer, jet ski and motorcycle.  K International’s international ro/ro car shipping service to Costa Rica was fast, and he needed to find a place as soon as possible, and one that could accommodate all his toys.

The second house had great views of the beach, but no room to build a bigger garage for Mario’s Hummer

The third house was a bungalow on the beach of Costa Rica.  Mario and Claire instantly fell in love with the house.  Although the closets were small, Claire had a whole bedroom she could convert into a temperature controlled closet for her furs.  The bungalow also came with 2 acres, plenty of room for Mario to build a garage for his car, jet ski and motorcycle.   And even better, it was right on the beach, Mario was only a step away from surfing.

The last house was way under Mario’s budget, close to the beach, and plenty of room to build a huge garage.  Mario was ready to live the surfer’s life and enjoy paradise.

A week after purchasing their first home in Costa Rica, Mario and Claire’s container and car arrived in Costa Rica safely.  They were surprised how quick, easy and affordable K International’s international shipping services to Costa Rica were!  Mario and Claire were happy to start their new carefree life on the shores of beautiful Costa Rica.

Making a move abroad?  Need help shipping your home, furniture, cars, surfboards, jet skis and other important items abroad?  Contact K International Transport for the best car shipping and international shipping rates to Costa Rica and all other Central American destinations.  Contact us at inquiries@kinternational.com for a international shipping quote.  If you have any questions about our international shipping service to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama and other Central American countries call us at 212-267-6400 or on Skype:kinternationalny

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