K International Presents a House Hunters International Scenario: International Moving Services -Retiring in Argentina

K International Presents a House Hunters International Scenario: International Moving Services -Retiring in Argentina

In the United States the normal retiring age is 67, but if you are one of the lucky few who saved enough money to retire at 60 and now need to get over the “empty nest syndrome” a move overseas might be an exciting adventure!  And to help our “empty nest” plagued customers we offer some of the best international shipping services for customers looking to move to a new country.  Based on a similar scenario, we present our version of House Hunters International: Moving to Wine Country –  Argentina. 

Ralph and Edna were a retired couple from Pennsylvania.  After raising three children and working for most of their lives they decided they needed a change in scenery.  Ralph and Edna always dreamed of owning their own winery and growing grapes on a big vineyard.  They decided, why move to California and grow grapes when we can live in one of the world’s grape growing capitals – Mendoza, Argentina.

Edna and Ralph were bored with sitting around and watching tv.  They decided to start a new life as wine growing expats in beautiful Argentina.

Since Edna and Ralph had lived in the same house for over 30 years, they had no idea how to move all their stuff…especially moving overseas to a new country!  Their oldest child Ralph Jr. helped them locate the best international shipping company specializing in helping people move abroad from the USA.  Edna and Ralph decided to give K International a call immediately.  They indicated they needed help shipping their three bedroom home from Pennsylvania, USA to their new place in Argentina.  Ralph enjoyed his vintage truck collection and wanted help with international automobile shipping services for his vintage 1937 Studebaker pickup truck and his 1940 Ford pickup truck.  K International recommended shipping his trucks to his door in Mendoza, Argentina inside a 40′ container to protect them.  Edna wanted to bring along all of her antique furniture and her knitting collection.  K International assured her they would be able to fit all of their furniture, knitting equipment, clothing, books and more inside a container and ship it to Mendoza, Argentina.

Ralph didn’t want to depart with his vintage truck collection.  He trusted K International to provide him with the best  classic and vintage international car shipping service.

 A few weeks before K International was scheduled to load their container with their furniture, books, and knitting equipment at their house in Pennsylvania for international moving services and overseas shipping to Argentina, Ralph and Edna made the trip to beautiful Mendoza to find the perfect vineyard.  Ralph and Edna made sure to give their real estate agent a list of what they were looking for: a few acres of land to grow their grapes, a big enough house to fit their antique furniture, a room for Edna to continue her knitting, and a safe and secure garage to fit Ralph’s collection of vintage trucks.  Their real estate agent got right to work and showed them their first house.  A large property in the hillside of Mendoza.  The property was a good size, but they were too close to their neighbors and felt their beautiful view was blocked.

The first house in Argentina had plenty of land, but was too close to their neighbors who blocked their view.

Ralph and Edna’s real estate agent took them to the second house, a property also located in the hillside grape region of Mendoza.  This property had splendid views but was much smaller than the first place and Ralph was concerned the garage wasn’t good enough for his vintage pickup trucks.

The second house had good views, but not enough land or space.  Ralph and Edna decided to keep looking.

The real estate agent took Ralph and Edna to another house up in the hills of Mendoza.  The house already had a vineyard with grapes growing, had the garage Ralph was looking for and enough bedrooms for Edna to turn one into her knitting room.  They instantly fell in love and put an offer in immediately.  After getting the house, Ralph and Edna flew back to Pennsylvania to start packing their house and begin their new expat life.  K International picked up Ralph’s vintage trucks via an enclosed car carrier and had them carefully loaded inside a container for international automobile container shipping service.  K International then had a truck bring their container to their house for them to load all their furniture and knitting equipment for overseas container moving service to Mendoza, Argentina.

A few weeks later Ralph and Edna’s furniture and trucks arrived to Mendoza with no problems.  Ralph and Edna were happy with the expert international shipping services they received while moving abroad.  They were able to easily settle into their new life in Argentina.

Ralph enjoyed his new retired life on his vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina

Are you looking to retire or are recently retired and considering moving abroad?  Need a overseas shipping company that can help you ship your cars, house, furniture and more to your new home?  Looking for the best international moving and shipping company in the United States?  Aspire to be like Ralph and Edna and move to and own your own vineyard in Argentina, France, Spain or Italy?  Moverse a Argentina o América del Sur hoy! Let K International help you by providing some of the best international moving services to Argentina, France, Spain, Italy or anywhere in the world you are looking to retire!  We offer some of the best international shipping services for retirees and expats looking to make the big move abroad.  To receive international moving and shipping quotes contact us at inquiries@kinternational.com or give us a call at 212-267-6400 or via Skype: kinternationalny.  We provide the best international moving and shipping prices and can help you move into your new home abroad with peace of mind!

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