International Shipping Services to Libya and Egypt : Examining the Current Situation

International Shipping Services to Libya and Egypt : Examining the Current Situation

2011 has been a very busy year for several countries in North Africa and the Middle East. Uprisings in Libya and Egypt left many of our customers wondering what international shipping services, if any, was available to Libya and Egypt? This blog will help dispel some international shipping rumors and keep you, our customers, informed on what overseas transport services international shipping companies can offer to Egypt and Libya.

Prior to the uprisings, international heavy equipment shipping to the ports of Alexandria, Egypt and Misurata, Tripoli and Benghazi, Libya from the United States was very popular. The construction industry in both countries called for the demand of Caterpillar’s, Komatsu’s, bull dozers, crawler, wheel loaders, and other construction equipment shipping to Egypt and Libya. With the current state of affairs in Egypt and Libya it is important to note the following updates on international shipping to these countries:

International shipping services to Egypt, including heavy equipment shipping, is still available. We can currently ship containers, high heavy construction equipment, commercial cargo and more to ports in Alexandria and Port Said.

International shipping services to Libya from the United States as of August 2011 has been suspended. Currently, the USA has imposed international trade sanctions on Libya and as a result cargo shipping to all ports in Libya including Tripoli, Misurata and Benghazi is currently not allowed.
Although there are trade sanctions in Libya, if the situation changes and trade to Libya is reopened we anticipate the following cargo will be heavily requested in order to assist with rebuilding efforts:

Construction equipment shipping of items such as bull dozers, dump trucks, compactors, motor graders, tractors and more will be needed in Libya.

-Commercial products such as building materials and consumer goods will be required in Libya.

How will you know if international shipping to Libya is allowed again? Continue to check the Federal Register website for more information about current trade sanctions and the possibility of these sanctions being lifted. The Federal Register website is: . You can also continue to check K International’s blog for the latest information on overseas cargo shipping and available international shipping services to Libya. We anticipate that sanctions against Libya will be lifted in the fall of 2011.

Remember we can currently ship to Egypt! Email us today to receive overseas transport quotes from the United States to ports in Egypt including shipping to Alexandria, Port Said, Damietta, El-Sokhna and more!