International Shipping Services and House Hunters International Present: Chalet Shopping in Switzerland

International Shipping Services and House Hunters International Present: Chalet Shopping in Switzerland

When looking for overseas car shipping service or international household, furniture and moving shipping services from the United States you already know K International offers the best service and rates!  So today to help you understand the various international car shipping services we offer, we present Pierre and Yvonne and their journey moving to Europe, specifically to the alpine country of Switzerland and their search for the perfect chalet.

Pierre was a Texas oil tycoon enjoying the life in his beloved Texas.  Pierre’s fiance Yvonne was from France and met Pierre while climbing the Eiffel Tower.  While Yvonne enjoyed attending the rodeos and eating infamous Texas barbeque, she longed for the European lifestyle she left behind.  One of Yvonne’s favorite pastimes was skiing in the mountains of Switzerland.  As a birthday present, Pierre decided to buy Yvonne a ski chalet in her favorite city in Switzerland.  Pierre also loved Switzerland so much he decided to transfer from his Texas office to Switzerland and make the big move with his fiance.

Pierre was a typical Texas gentleman who enjoyed his rodeo lifestyle. 
But after falling in love with his fiance Yvonne and Switzerland he decided to
make the big move from the USA to the Swiss alps.

Pierre contacted K International Transport to help him move his house and cars to Switzerland and a real estate agent in Switzerland to help him find the perfect chalet.  When Pierre went down his wish list of items he wanted in his new chalet he also wanted to make sure K International would be able to ship all his stuff when he moved to Switzerland.  Pierre knew he would need a house with a huge garage, lots of closet space and great scenery.

The list of items Pierre needed to ship for his move to Switzerland included:

-International motorcycle shipping service for their collection of his and her Harley Davidson motorcycles to Switzerland
Overseas car shipping service to Switzerland for their Range Rover and classic Chevrolet Corvette 
-International container shipping service to Switzerland for all of their furniture, books, skis and clothing including Pierre and Yvonne’s collection of over 500 cowboy boots and hats.

As one of the best international shipping companies in the USA shipping to Switzerland, Pierre knew he was in good hands.

Pierre and Yvonne needed ample closet space to fit their collection of cowboy boots and hats.

K International was able to provide Pierre with affordable international car shipping rates to Switzerland.  K International also assured Pierre their quote included the best classic car shipping rates available to Switzerland and their beloved cars and motorcycles were in the best of care.  K International also provided container shipping service to Geneva, Switzerland and were able to get the best furniture and container shipping rates to Switzerland available.

Pierre felt comfortable knowing K International would handle the shipping of his container of furniture, household items, cowboy boots and hats to Switzerland with care.  Over 5,000 miles later Pierre and Yvonne flew to Switzerland and met with their friendly real estate agent Lea.  The first chalet Lea showed them was a small cabin in a remote area of the Swiss alps. While it gave them tons of privacy it was much too small to fit their vast collection of cowboy boots and hats and the surrounding land was not included.  The cottage also did not have the 5 car garage Pierre wanted to fit their Range Rover, motorcycles and his beloved classic Chevrolet Corvette.

Pierre and Yvonne thought the first cabin they saw in the Swiss alps was charming,
but it didn’t have enough space to fit their car, cowboy hat and cowboy boot collection.

The next chalet Lea showed them was located near a tourist resort area.  Pierre and Yvonne thought the chalet had beautiful features inside, but again this chalet did not have the large garage Pierre sought for his cars and motorcycles.  Pierre began to worry they would never find the chalet of their dreams.

The second chalet was in a ski resort area, it was picturesque but did not have the large garage Pierre needed.

Finally, Lea showed them a chalet that was in an area not too far from the main city center and was on five acres of land.  Pierre was excited and knew this was the chalet for them!  The 5 acres was plenty of room to build his dream garage to store his Harley Davidson’s, Range Rover and Chevrolet Corvette.  The chalet also had enough room to build a large walk in closet to fit their collection of cowboy boots and hats.

Pierre and Yvonne were excited when they finally found the right chalet for them.

Pierre and Yvonne found their chalet right in time.  Their container with their household items and motorcycles safely arrived in Geneva.  They were happy they found the best car and international shipping company with service from the USA to Switzerland.  Pierre and Yvonne whipped out their skis for a run down the Swiss slopes.  K International’s professional international shipping packaging kept their skis intact. 

Pierre and Yvonne enjoyed their new life on the Swiss alps thanks to the
professional international shipping services to Switzerland provided
by K International and the help of their real estate agent Lea.

Whether you are looking to leave the Texas rodeo behind or were recently transferred to Switzerland or any other location in the world, K International can help with international shipping services to your new relocation!  As one of the best international car shipping companies in the USA we offer some of the most affordable car shipping rates to Basel, Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland. We even provide international automobile shipping service straight to your door in Switzerland!  To find out more about our international car shipping services to Switzerland or to receive international moving costs from the USA to Switzerland contact us at  You can also give us a call at 212-267-6400 or on Skype at: kinternationalny.  We can provide some of the best overseas car shipping rates and container shipping rates to Switzerland and to all other parts of the world!

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