International Shipping Role Model!

International Shipping Role Model!

Although many historical figures are responsible for making international shipping services  what they are today, one stands above the rest. This person not only revolutionized international shipping, making it common and accepted in the region, but was also able to open up an entire city because of it! 

We are, of course, talking about Catherine the Great!

Catherine the Great was known for being the longest-ruling female leader of Russia, reigning for 34 years in the second half of the 18th century. However, this wasn’t the most pivotal thing about her! For one, she wasn’t even Russian! She married into the infamous Romanov family, before finding herself part of a coup to overthrow her husband. Even more amazing, during her reign, she put down over a dozen rebellions!

But what does this have to do with international shipping, and international shipping companies?
Although Catherine the Great was known for many things, she was most renowned for her westernization policies. She opened Russia to Western ideas, including art, philosophy, technology, and music. With these policies, Catherine the Great helped transform St. Petersburg from a “backwards” city, to a cultural hub. 

Thanks to her encouragement of international shipping, especially of the transport of new technology into St. Petersburg, the city is what it is today!

So how can K International Transport help? Well, we can ship your cargo from any port in the United States, including 
  • New York
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  • Georgia
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We will ship your cargo, whether it be an automobile with our overseas car transport services, or virtually anything else, to Russia efficiently and for an affordable price that even Catherine the Great would be proud of!

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