International Shipping of Luxury, Antique, Vintage or Classic Cars with Care

International Shipping of Luxury, Antique, Vintage or Classic Cars with Care

Interested in shipping your valuable luxury or antique car from the United States? Have a one-of-a-kind Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Maserati, Mustang, Jaguar or Corvette and need a reliable international shipping company who will ship your car from the USA with care? At K International Transport Co., Inc we have over 20 year’s experience in overseas car shipping of antique and luxury vehicles. We offer international vehicle transport and international shipping services from all available USA ports including New York, Baltimore, Savannah, Jacksonville, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles and more. Whether you are shipping your car from the US to Germany, Nigeria, France, Dubai or other worldwide ports anywhere including Europe, the Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa, look no further than K International Transport for car shipping quotes.
K International Transport is here to guide you throughout the entire international shipping process. We not only handle the overseas vehicle shipping of your luxury and antique car from the port in the USA but we also offer secure inland pickup at door and insurance. Below we answer some common questions associated with the overseas vehicle transport of luxury and antique cars:
Q: I am interested in the international vehicle transport of my one-of-a-kind expensive classic car – but I’ve never done this before – how is the car shipped? What are the benefits of each type of overseas vehicle shipping methods?
A. International automobile shipping companies offer three methods available for international auto shipping: roll-on roll-off vehicle carrier, ocean container transport and air freight transport.
-Roll-on Roll-off vehicle service is the most economical way to ship your car. On a roll-on roll-off vessel cars are driven onto specialized and modern car carrier vessels and safely secured under the deck of the ship.
-The second and most common method of international car shipping of vintage cars is container shipping. In ocean container transport you car is driven into and then secured inside your own personal container and then sealed to prevent unauthorized personnel from opening the container. All automobiles are professionally loaded at one of our bonded and insured warehouses. We have warehouses located at all the major ocean ports that specialize in the proper loading of automobiles for international auto transport. The ocean container method of international vehicle shipping assures the customer that their car will not be handled again until the container is unloaded at the port of arrival and you do not have to worry about any other cars coming close to your precious cargo. Looking to ship hard to find automobile parts with your luxury vehicle? Container shipping allows you to also load other important items you will need once your car arrives at its overseas destination.
-The third and fastest method to ship a vehicle is by air. Need your vintage classic car right away and do not want the hassle of waiting for ocean transport? Consider shipping your valuable automobile by air. Cars shipped by air are secured below specialized cargo aircraft. The air freight international car shipping method is the most expensive way to transport your vehicle.

Q: I am located overseas and need a company to safely transport my antique car to the port or warehouse – do you offer this service?

A: Inland pick-up is available from anywhere in the continental USA. Our fully insured carriers offer two ways in which to ship your valuable car. The first option is to ship your automobile in an open car carrier. However, for high value cars we always recommend the second inland transport option via a closed car carrier. A closed car carrier is the safest method to transport your vintage car as it shields the car from the elements. We will gladly provide an inland transportation quote for both shipping options.

Q: Do you offer insurance coverage in the event of major damage or loss to my vintage car during international shipping?

A: K International offers two types of ocean cargo insurance for international automobile shipping: All Risk Insurance and FPA insurance. All Risk automobile ocean transport insurance covers against risk of physical loss or major damage that may occur during ocean vehicle transport. FPA (free of particular average) insurance covers total losses only due to certain catastrophic perils such, such as sinking of the vessel during international auto shipping. We always recommend ocean cargo insurance to our customers – if interested make sure to indicate your vehicles value to your K International employee

The above are just a few common questions our customers ask when they are looking to ship their vintage, classic, valuable antique cars overseas. As a leading international car shipping company K International is here to offer you the best first class quality service. Our international auto shipping personnel are here to help you from point A to point B and our shipping cars overseas service is unmatched. If interested in utilizing our international shipping services contact us for an affordable car shipping quote so you can get your automobile exported from the USA today. We can be reached by telephone at (212) 267-6400 or visit our international automobile shipping quote page and receive a free quote within 24 hours. We also provide overseas vehicle shipping customer references upon request.