International Construction Equipment Shipping: How to Ship a Bulldozer Overseas

International Construction Equipment Shipping: How to Ship a Bulldozer Overseas

In the world of international shipping, we oftentimes see where no two shipments are alike.  In the same way, no two international shipping companies are alike.  And when it comes to international heavy construction equipment shipping, we are the best.  One piece of construction equipment we ship all the time is the bulldozer.  Synonymous with the word “construction equipment” just about everyone has seen or knows what a bulldozer is.  But did you know the bulldozer (also known as a crawler tractor) is one the most popular construction equipment units shipped overseas? When we say we are one of the best international bulldozer shipping company in the USA, we aren’t kidding.

Among the several international construction equipment shipping services we offer is inland pick-up / heavy hauling.  Whether you bought a bulldozer, crawler or tractor from an auction or from a machinery dealer, we can pick up your bulldozer and deliver it to port for international shipping.  We have handled all sized bulldozers including small compact bulldozers and calfdozers to large, oversized, overweight bulldozers.  Need inland transportation and port delivery for a bulldozer that is so large it might require permits to move?  Do not worry, we can help!  In addition to providing you the best shipping options and international shipping rates to ship your bulldozer crawler or tractor, we offer safe, affordable and reliable inland heavy hauling and step deck transport.

When it comes to international construction machinery shipping, the best shipping option is roll-on / roll-off shipping service.  The use of ro/ro as the leading method of international heavy equipment shipping is simple.  Most bulldozers are not able to fit inside a container, therefore the easiest way to ship a bulldozer internationally is to use ro/ro service. Bulldozers are simply driven onto a ro/ro vessel and safely secured.  As a leading ro/ro shipping company for bulldozers and other construction equipment, we are able to offer service to various destinations around the world from the United States.

We shipped this Caterpillar D6N Crawler Tractor Bulldozer overseas recently.  When it comes to international bulldozer shipping, we are the experts!

Are you shipping a bulldozer overseas and need help shipping other bulldozer accessory parts such as the blade or a ripper?  When it comes to international transport for bulldozers and its parts, we know the best and cheapest way to ship your cargo.  Removing a bulldozer blade or ripper will help you save money on international bulldozer shipping costs.  Removing parts first, reduces the weight for inland transport and the overall size of the unit for international ro/ro shipping services.  We can ship a bulldozer’s blade, ripper and other parts overseas in a container.  If you are shipping a bulldozer using ro/ro construction equipment shipping, we can ship the blade, ripper or other part alongside the bulldozer so all pieces arrive together.  

When it comes to international construction equipment shipping for bulldozers and their parts, we are the best international shipping company!  To receive the best international high heavy construction equipment shipping rates send us an email at or visit our international bulldozer shipping rate request page.  If you have any questions on overseas bulldozer shipping contact us at 212-267-6400 or on Skype at kinternationalny.  We provide the best overseas shipping prices and quotes for bulldozers and other construction equipment.  When looking for the best and most affordable international bulldozer shipping company, contact K International!  We have years of experience shipping Caterpillar, Komatsu, Case or Ingersoll Rand bulldozers, crawlers and tractors overseas to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, the Middle East and more!

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