International Automobile Shipping Services for the U.S Army

International Automobile Shipping Services for the U.S Army

Overseas transport of cars isn’t limited to business purposes or even to shipping for personal use. Many soldiers deployed overseas, and even those coming home from deployment, benefit from international automobile shipping services every year.

International shipping to army bases all over the world is pretty common. While the bases are usually in Europe or Asia, an experienced international shipping company can transport cargo to virtually any country or base in the world.

Many of those deployed also need to transport their automobile back to the United States. Importing cars is more nuanced than the typical export shipment, but the process can still be affordable and efficient. When importing, the automobile has to have been made for American markets to satisfy customs and U.S safety requirements, but shipping companies do a good job of informing their clients about the various rules and regulations.

Just like typical overseas car transport, the automobile is first transported to the nearest port either by the client or by a vetted inland trucking and transportation company. The automobile is then transported overseas with container shipping or roll-on/roll-off shipping.

International shipping companies will take care of majority of the process of shipping to and from an army base, including customs clearance and export formalities. Overseas transport of cars is affordable and efficient, especially for the U.S Army.