Interested in Shipping Classic American Cars to Sweden?

Interested in Shipping Classic American Cars to Sweden?

Sweden is a top destination for USA exports of classical cars.  Did you know Sweden is also home to the world’s largest classic car show?  The Power Big Meet attracts thousands of people and takes place every July in Vasteras, Sweden.  Each year the US exports over $100 million worth of vintage and classic vehicles to Sweden.  Some of the most popular classic and vintage American cars shipped overseas to Sweden are 1960’s-1970’s Chevrolet’s including Corvette, Camaro, Impala, Chevelle, Cameo trucks, and the Bel Air.  Other popular classic American cars shipped overseas to Sweden are:  Classic Ford Pick-Ups, Pontiac Vibes, Pontiac Firebird’s, and Pontiac Bonneville.  The USA also has a great selection of other restored, classic vehicles including Jaguar XT’s, Jaguar E-Type’s, and Maserati Ghibli’s.  Are you looking for a car restoration project or are you a classic car enthusiasts who likes to work on vintage American cars?  Not only is the selection of restored classic American vehicles available in the USA among the best in the world, but it is also home to a large selection of classic Chevrolet’s and Pontiac’s in need of restoration. 

Power Big Meet is the world’s largest classic car show that takes place every year in Sweden.  Sweden is home to one of the largest group of American car enthusiasts in the world.

When it comes to overseas car shipping of classic cars to Sweden, we know our stuff!  We offer some of the best international car shipping services from all major ports in the United States to all major ports in Sweden including overseas car shipping to Stockholm, Gothenburg (Goteborg), Malmo, Halmstad, Sodertalje, Gavle, and Helsingborg. Are you a buyer in Sweden interested in shipping a classic 1960’s or 1970’s American car?  Looking for a reliable international car shipping company who can assist with shipping your classic car to Sweden? Look no further than K International Transport for all of your classic car shipping needs from the United States to Sweden.  To show you we mean business when it comes to classic car shipping, check out the pictures below of  some of our favorite classic car shipments:

We shipped this 1950’s Cadillac Deville from the United States.  Interested in enjoying the scenic roads of Sweden in a car like this?

Imagine shipping this 1970’s Chevrolet Corvette from the United States to Sweden.

Whether you are looking to ship Classic American Chevrolet or Pontiac cars, we can assist with overseas car shipping from any part in continental US to Sweden. For more information on our overseas car shipping service to Sweden or to receive free car shipping quotes for classic, vintage, and restored cars to Sweden, call us at 212-267-6400 or on Skype at kinternationalny.  You can also send us an email at to receive international auto shipping rates and costs.  When looking for the best international car shipping company with service to Sweden, call on K International!

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