Influential Music and International Shipping

Influential Music and International Shipping

Some people call it the “British Invasion.” Others refer to it as some of the most influential music in modern history. 

Whatever you call it, you probably know at least one Beatles song. Not only did the Beatles revolutionize the music scene all over the world, but also contributed to anti-war protests in the 1960’s. 

Here are some of the most influential Beatles songs. Also, if you are planning to travel to England (to visit the Beatles museum in Liverpool, for example), don’t forget K International Transport’s international shipping services to ship your belongings overseas. 

     1. I Want to Hold Your Hand

This song was the first No.1 hit in the United States, and started the Beatles craze in America. John, Paul, George, and Ringo, performed this song on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, which started their immense global popularity.

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     2. Revolution

This song was released in 1986, and was inspired by the events of the 1960’s, as well as other already existing anti-war protests. Unlike the Beatles’ other songs, “Revolution” had an undertone that demanded change, and inspired other artists to release their own anti-war and anti-government songs. 

If K International Transport had to revolt against something, it would be unsafe shipping of consumer cargo overseas. We are a reliable international shipping company, and we can safely ship your cargo overseas with containerized shipping. 

     3. Eleanor Rigby

“Eleanor Rigby” is important because it signaled the Beatles’ progression into an experimental genre of music. Going from songs like “I Want to Hold your Hand,” which spoke of personal lighthearted experiences, to songs like “Eleanor Rigby,” which poetically told stories of sadness, would influence future bands. No one anticipated that the Beatles to release a song like this, which served to change their image, and possibly keep them exciting for fans who didn’t know what to expect. 

Unlike the Beatles, we don’t like to experiment with our shipping procedures, because we already do our best to ensure that your shipping experiences are hassle-free. We can ship your cargo to Port of London, or anywhere in Europe, Asia, Africa, or South America! 

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