How to Transport Construction Equipment and High-Heavy Cargo Overseas

How to Transport Construction Equipment and High-Heavy Cargo Overseas

Unlike international automobile shipping, many freight forwarding clients are relatively unaware of the process of shipping construction equipment shipping overseas before they are involved in it themselves. Although it sounds difficult, the process to transport construction equipment isn’t much different from standard automobile shipping.

Transport Construction Equipment
overseas shipping boat sailing through the thousand islands waterways

No matter the size or weight, the freight forwarding company will help clients transport the equipment. Some popular ports in the United States include those in New York, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, and more. If needed, the international shipping company can offer inland trucking and transportation services to move the Kobelco equipment from the warehouse to the port.

Once the equipment arrives at the port, the shipping company will either utilize container shipping or roll-on/roll off (ro/ro) shipping, depending on the cost of each option and the specific heavy equipment being shipped. Both alternatives will allow for a safe transport overseas, and will protect the product from the elements. The usual method for transporting a crane with international construction shipping services is a 40 feet high cube container.

One the equipment arrives overseas in the destination country in Africa, Asia, South America, Europe, or virtually anywhere else, the shipping company will unload the cargo. The remainder of the international shipping services will be used for customs clearance and anything related to unloading and transporting the cargo.