How to Ship a Jet Ski Overseas

How to Ship a Jet Ski Overseas

Are you looking to ship a jet ski overseas from the United States?  Unsure of which shipping method is best for shipping a jet ski?  Shipping a jet ski internationally is fairly simple.  When approaching international shipping companies for rates to ship a jet skis you should be mindful of the different shipping options you have.  Below we outline a few simple ways to ship jet skis and personal watercraft overseas from the US.

Ship a Jet Ski on a Trailer

You probably already have a trailer for your jet ski when you want to move it from one place to another in the US.  Shipping a jet ski on a trailer is the simplest way to ship your personal watercraft overseas.  Jet skis on trailers can be shipped on roll-on/roll-off (ro/ro) vessels the same way you would ship a car or a large boat on trailer.  If you decide to ship your jet ski on a trailer you should make sure the trailer is in good enough condition to be towed.  Be sure to check the wheels and the tow bar for any signs of wear or damage before you ship your jet skis

The easiest way to ship a jet skis overseas is on a trailer

Ship Several Jet Skis in a Container

If you need to ship more than one jet ski you should consider shipping them overseas inside a container.  Depending on how large the jet ski is, you can load anywhere from 2 to more than 6 jet skis in a single container.   A professional warehouse can safely secure your jet skis in the container.  To fit more jet skis in one container the warehouse can have the jet skis removed from their trailers in order to decrease the length and the width.  You want to make sure that whoever loads your jet skis in a container is securing them in such a way that they do not shift during transport, and do not rub against each other causing scratches and cosmetic damage.

Ship a Crated Jet Skis 

Customers who are shipping brand new jet skis oftentimes opt to have them shipped overseas in a crate.  Shipping your jet ski overseas in a crate is the best way to protect your jet skis from any possible damage.  Your international shipping company should be able to professionally crate your jet skis for international transport.  When shipping a jet ski in a crate, the crate has to be customized to fit the specifications of the jet ski.  A professional packing company will make sure the jet ski is safely crated so it will not move during transport.  Additionally, several overseas countries, including Australia, require any wood used in packing and crating your jet ski to comply with ISPM 15 wood packaging restrictions.  ISPM 15 requires all wood packaging used in international shipments to be chemically and heat treated to prevent the spread of insects and diseases between countries.  An overseas shipping company can ship your crated jet skis in a container, using breakbulk service where it is loaded on a mafi trailer or through container consolidation (LCL) service.

Always remember, no matter which method you choose to ship your jet skis you should always provide the overseas shipping company with the full dimensions of your jet ski including the length, width, height and weight.  Whether you are looking to ship a Jet Ski, Wave Runner, Sea Doo, water scooter or any type of personal watercraft overseas from the United States we can help.  We have shipped jet ski’s and personal watercraft from the United States to Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Australia.  To receive an international shipping quote to ship your jet ski, contact us at 212-267-6400, on Skype at kinternationalny or send us an email at:  We will respond to all requests for jet ski overseas transport rates within 1-2 business days.

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