How Boats are Shipped!

How Boats are Shipped!

If you’ve ever wanted to ship a boat or watercraft, you might be wondering how it’s all done. 
Some common questions are:

  • “What is the process by which boats are shipped internationally?”

  • “How can I guarantee that my boat will get there safely?”

No worries! K International Transport promises to not only help you ship your boat or watercraft abroad, but also to erase all of your doubts and answer your questions!

    The boat or watercraft will be moved from a warehouse to a port in the United States. Some of these ports are in New York, Texas, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, and more!
     If your cargo is not already located in a port city, our international shipping services include inland trucking. We can move your boat from anywhere in the United States to a port city before shipping it abroad! 

     When it is time to ship the boat, it will be shipped on trailer by roll-on/roll-off vessels, which are used to load wheeled cargo, to its final destination. K International Transport’s international boat shipping services can get your watercraft to its destination with no complications!

     Your boat or watercraft is on its way! From then on, K International will help you with customs clearance, transport of the cargo from the port to its final destination, and unpacking services. 

With this system, you can practically ship whatever you want! This includes:
  • jet skis 
  • yachts
  • sail boats
  • deck boats
  • motor boats
  • and more!

Call K International today for a reliable international shipping company to ship your boat or watercraft from the United States to almost any country, including those in Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe. Call us at 212-267-6400, Skype us at kinternationalny, or email us at Hope to speak to you soon!