Bought an Excavator or Dump Truck on Ebay? Need Help Shipping it Overseas?

Bought an Excavator or Dump Truck on Ebay? Need Help Shipping it Overseas?

Nothing has made purchasing construction equipment easier than the creation of the internet.  Now with thousands of used construction equipment sellers, and online construction equipment auctions such as Ebay; buying used construction equipment from the USA is faster and easier than before!  To demonstrate how easy it is to ship your excavator, dump truck or other construction equipment from the United States, we will give you a little story about Carlos the construction equipment buyer. 

While browsing through Ebay late one night for the 3rd and 4th season of Dynasty on DVD, Carlos came across a Caterpillar Excavator on sale for $25,000.  Crushed between whether to buy his Dynasty DVD’s or the Caterpillar Excavator, Carlos decided to go ahead and click on the “Buy It Now” button for the excavator.

Carlos couldn’t resist buying this affordable Caterpillar Excavator on Ebay

It wasn’t until after Carlos bought the excavator did he realize it was located in Middle of Nowhere, USA and the seller Billy Bob’s Construction Equipment World couldn’t ship his Caterpillar internationally or deliver his excavator to the port.  Carlos almost wished he bought the 3rd and 4th season of Dynasty instead until he researched international construction equipment shipping companies and came across K International.

Hoping he could hold back his tears, Carlos decided to contact K International Transport.  Carlos spoke with a friendly employee who was an expert in construction equipment shipping.  She assured Carlos he had nothing to cry about! K International was here to rescue the day and make shipping excavators and construction equipment from the USA easy.  

K International Transport was here to the rescue,
they assured Carlos they were the best international
construction equipment shipping company in the USA
 and would ship his excavator overseas

First, Carlos provided the international shipping expert with the model number for his Caterpillar.  Using their sophisticated database of construction equipment dimensions, K International was able to find the length, width, height and weight of his excavator unit.

Then, K International shared a little secret with Carlos…”I will show you how we can help you save money when shipping your excavator and construction equipment.  No need to worry, you are in good hands!”  Carlos decided to cross his fingers, do his good luck dance, and trust K International with shipping his excavator overseas. 

K International contacted Billy Bob’s World of Construction Equipment and notified them to remove the bucket to help Carlos save on inland trucking costs. K International was able to pick up the excavator and bucket from Middle of Nowhere, USA and deliver Carlos’ construction equipment to port.  K International alerted Carlos the excavator was small enough to dismantle and ship in a container in order to save him even more money.

Within a week Carlos’ excavator was picked up, delivered to port, dismantled, loaded inside the container and shipped overseas.  When Carlos received the bill he was delighted, K International saved him hundreds of dollars in international construction equipment shipping costs!! He was convinced K International was one of the best international shipping companies for used construction equipment and excavators!

A month later Carlos was back on Ebay purchasing seasons 1 and 2 of Golden Girls and looking at articulated dump trucks.  He came across a Volvo Articulated Dump Truck he wanted shipped from the United States. 

Carlos was starting to buy even bigger construction equipment,
when he saw this Volvo Articulated Dump Truck he had to have it,
he was confident his construction shipping expert
would be able to ship his dump truck internationally

After calling his trusty K International overseas shipping expert, he was delighted to hear they could remove the wheels and make the inland and international transport of the dump truck cheaper than originally thought!! Carlos was ecstatic at the thought of saving money.

With the money Carlos saved with K International shipping his dump truck overseas, he was able to use the extra money and buy the Golden Girls DVD’s he wanted

Carlos did the happy dance, now he realized buying construction equipment online and shipping it internationally from the USA was easy and affordable!  He was looking forward to making more purchases on ebay and shipping more construction equipment overseas.

Carlos the construction equipment buyer was happy with the international shipping services K International provided

Do a happy dance like Carlos…after buying your excavator, dump truck or other construction equipment on Ebay, turn to K International Transport to help ship your equipment internationally!  We can ship excavators, dump trucks, construction equipment, tracked equipment and equipment on wheels internationally at an affordable cost!  We offer roll-on / roll-off construction equipment shipping and equipment dismantling container service.  And we aren’t just talk, we know a picture is worth a thousand words.  Check out our construction equipment shipping services page for pictures on machinery dismantling and other international construction equipment shipping services we offer. We also have more pictures on our facebook page:

To receive construction equipment shipping rates contact one of our equipment shipping experts at 212-267-6400 or on Skype: kinternationalny.  Up late browsing Ebay for construction equipment like Carlos?  Send us an email anytime, 24/7 at:  We will send you a construction equipment shipping rate within 1 -2 business days.

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