Those who usually ship via trucking or who thought they might be making that move down the coast by truck may want to consider alternative shipping strategies.  Not only are there fewer owner-operators for trucking, but the road conditions created in the United States after a few bad winters and other infrastructure problems means that shipping by ocean might be the better way to go for some clients.
The majority of truckers agree that roads are in worse shape than ever before and that trucking is held up by poor road conditions regularly.  From pothole repair to resurfacing and leveling, most of the United States could use serious upgrades.  Bridges and tunnels are also a problem, as one out of every nine bridges in the United States is actually considered to be structurally deficient.  Crumbling concrete and eroded steel provide a scary picture of our damaged infrastructure.
What is the cost to the country?  Approximately $27 billion a year in extra freight transportation costs, which include shipping delays and prices on products passed on to the consumer.  As infrastructure investment has fallen relative to what needs fixed and the number of roads and bridges in the United States.  Currently, the trucking industry faces a 30,000 trucker shortage, so the situation is only likely to get worse.  This means really bad news for those of us who need to rely on trucking to start a new business in a new area, move households, etc.  What can be done to counter the situation?

Working with a logistics expert like K International means finding solutions to transportation issues generated by crumbling infrastructure.  If you have never considered shipping from a port, or thought that shipping by sea was too expensive for your needs, you might want to think again.  Contact us to see how we can help you ship everything from your household goods to heavy equipment!