Worldwide Shipping of Classic Cars & Vehicles to Bremerhaven, Germany

Worldwide Shipping of Classic Cars & Vehicles to Bremerhaven, Germany

While vintage and classic cards tend to be more valuable and vulnerable to the elements, as a trusted international shipping company with decades of experience, K International Transport is here to make the shipping process safe and affordable. Whether you are a military client, moving abroad and want to bring a car along, planning to take an extended trip, buying from a dealership and in charge of arranging shipping, or are simply afraid of damage, look no further than K International Transport for help with classic overseas car shipping.

Port Bremerhaven, Germany

Port Bremerhaven, on Germany’s northwestern coast, is one of the most common ports for vintage and classic cars, automobiles, and vehicles, and K International Transport can ship there from almost any port in the United States. States include but are not limited to New York, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, and California! If the cargo is located outside of a port city, K International Transport offers inland trucking and transportation services to transport the vehicle to a port before it is shipped overseas!

The port in Bremerhaven is the 4th largest container port in Europe, but handles more cars than any other European port, it is also the 16th largest in the world. It has 14 berths, can store up to 120,000 cars, and handles over 5 million TEU annually. The port also contains three main terminals: container, auto, and fruit. Lastly, the port has a large capacity for logistics and storage space, making it an excellent place to do business. Groundbreaking work is taking place in Bremerhaven, and its influence on Europe and the world is only growing. When shipping to Germany, know you are working with many trusted partners.

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International Transport of Military Vehicles

One of the most common reasons for shipping to Germany is for military members. It is important to note that military vehicles have more regulations regarding the type of cargo, length of stay, and more. Tools that often accompany these vehicles must be limited to $200 in total value, and fees will be added with each additional car that is shipped. In order for the cargo to make it to the military base, remove all personal items and empty the tank.

Vintage Car Transport Options to Germany

Cars can be shipped via roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO), container shipping, or air freight services. Depending on the quality, age, and type of cargo, each method has its benefits. RO/RO is the most common and convenient method, as the car is rolled directly on and off the ship. Container shipping encloses each car separately, and the cars are blocked and braced securely. Lastly, air freight ensures the most secure transport and is often only used for very precious cargo. Cars are strapped down and fully wrapped to prevent any damage. Examples and more information can be found on the general international automobile shipping page.

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The last step is acquiring the necessary documentation. This often includes detailed information about the cargo, proof of entitlement, a power of attorney, and any documents specific to German customs.

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With a reliable international shipping and transport company like K International Transport, overseas car shipments are hassle-free, efficient, and affordable. We have the capacity to move all types of equipment and are always ready to advise on the best way to do that on a case-to-case basis. Chat with us over the phone at +1 (212) 267-6400 or email us at to find out how easy it is to ship cargo. We look forward to working with you!