Want to be “An American in Paris”? Learn How K International Can Help you Move to Paris!

Want to be “An American in Paris”? Learn How K International Can Help you Move to Paris!

In 1951 the legendary actor Gene Kelly portrayed an American expat named Jerry Mulligan living and loving the city of Paris in the Academy Award winning film An American in Paris.  Although it might not be appropriate to run around the streets of Paris singing and dancing, American expats still find the intrigue of the city of lights and make the big move.  Whether you are relocating to Paris to become a painter like Jerry Mulligan or have been reassigned or transferred for your job, we can help ship and move your car and personal items to Paris, France from the United States.

Sing and dance under the Eiffel Tower!  Are you an American looking to move and live in Paris?  See how we can help you become the next Gene Kelly and enjoy the sites of Paris, the city of lights!

If you are planning to move to Paris, France from the United States and are unsure what items you can bring along, do not worry because we are here to help!  The closest shipping port to Paris is the port of Le Havre.  International car shipping service to France is available to the port of Le Havre which is approximately 200 kilometers (or a 2.5 hour drive) from Paris.  We can ship your car to Paris on a roll-on / roll-off (ro/ro) car carrier shipping vessel or in a 20′ or 40′ container.  Ro/Ro shipping service to Paris via Le Havre port is usually the cheapest way to ship your car.  If you decide to ship your car to France using ro/ro service you cannot load any personal items inside the car.  Roll-on / roll-off service to Le Havre from east coast USA takes approximately 15-20 days.  Overseas car shipping service in a container from US to Le Havre / Paris France also takes approximately 15-20 days.

Look fashionably cool in your automobile while living and working in Paris.  Inexpensive roll-on / roll-off international car shipping service is available to Le Havre.

In addition to being one of the best international automobile shipping companies in the United States, we also offer some of the best international shipping services to Le Havre / Paris, France for household goods, furniture and other personal items.  Do not fear, you can bring your fashionable wardrobe, furniture, kitchen supplies, bedroom furniture, living room furniture and other personal items with you when you move or relocate to Paris, France.  Customers interested in shipping their household and personal items to France can do so using international shipping containers.  We will bring a 20′, 40′ or 40′ high-cube container to your door in the USA, you will have approximately 2 hours to load the container with your furniture and other household items, and we will bring the loaded container to the port in the USA for international shipment to Paris / Le Havre, France.

After receiving K International’s inexpensive shipping rates to France, you will sing and dance in the streets of Paris!

When it comes to moving and relocating to Paris, we offer some of the best and most affordable international shipping service to Le Havre and Paris, France.   To receive overseas car shipping and container shipping quotes for your furniture and other personal items to Le Havre and Paris, France –  send us an email at inquiries@kinternational.com or visit our rate requests page.  You can also give us a call at 212-267-6400 or on skype at kinternationalny during our business hours.  We will respond to your request for international car and container shipping rates within 1-2 business days. 

International car and container shipping service is available to the port of Le Havre, approximately 200 km from the city of Paris

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