International Shipping of Automobiles, Vehicles, and Cars to Port George Town

K International Transport is an established, experienced, and trustworthy international shipping company that specializes in overseas automobile shipping. We offer a variety of international shipping services and can ship from any port in the United States, including those in New York, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, and more to almost anywhere in […]

Learn More About Shipping Vintage & Classic Cars to Port Lisbon, Portugal

Many clients interested in transporting their vintage or classic cars, vehicles, and automobiles overseas feel nervous about the process of doing so; however, with K International Transport, transporting all types of automobiles/vehicles/or cars is easy, efficient, and affordable. As a reliable international shipping company, we can transport clients’ cars to Port Lisbon, Portugal, from any […]

Overseas Car and Construction Equipment Shipping from the U.S. to Port Santos, Brazil

With K International Transport, international shipping services to Port Santos can be easy, hassle-free, and affordable. Shippers can rest assured that having a reliable and experienced international shipping company as well as an efficient and large port will help them transport all types of automobiles and construction equipment to Brazil without much stress. Port Santos, […]

RORO or Container Shipping for International Shipping Services?

One of the decisions clients will have to make when transporting cargo overseas is whether to opt for roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO) or container shipping services. A reliable international shipping company like K International Transport can advise shippers to make the right decision for their cargo, budget, and preferences. However, clients should also be aware of the […]

International Container and RO/RO Shipping to Port Varna, Bulgaria

For clients shipping to Bulgaria, a reliable and experienced freight forwarding company like K International Transport can help! K International Transport can ship all belongings overseas, including vehicles, personal effects, and household goods. RO/RO Shipping to Bulgaria Roll-on/Roll-off (RO/RO) shipping services are meant for wheeled and self-propelled cargo, such as automobiles and certain types of […]

International Shipping of School Buses to Africa

Inexperienced customers often believe that international shipping services are confined to the shipment of ordinary automobiles, construction equipment, and personal effects overseas. However, the United States is one of the most important suppliers of used vans and buses, including school buses. With this fact, and with the help of an experienced and reliable international shipping […]

Do I Need an International Mover – or Shipper?

If you are planning a household or company move abroad, it is an exciting time. You’ve picked a location, selected a building or apartment, made all the necessary arrangements, and selected the right international mover—or did you? Do you need an international mover or do you need an international shipper? Understanding some of the similarities […]

Everything You Should Know about International Automobile Shipping!

Transporting vehicles overseas does not have to be overly complicated. Clients looking to transport automobiles/cars/vehicles to a port overseas can benefit from a reliable and experienced international shipping company like K International Transport! However, before reaching out to a freight forwarder, there are a few things you should know about the process. Choosing How to […]

International Automobile Shipping to Central and South America!

K International Transport is a reliable international shipping companythat can help clients transport all types of automobiles/cars/vehicles overseas to ports in Central and South America. We love to ship vehicles of all makes, models, years, and dimensions via container or roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO) shipping. Don’t hesitate to get the assistance of a reputable freight forwarding company. […]