Tin Can Island, Nigeria

Port of Call: Lagos (Tin Can Island), Nigeria

Together with the Lagos Port Complex, Tin Can Island Port serves Lagos and western Nigeria. Lagos is currently the second most populous city in Africa after Cairo. It’s also the fastest growing city in Africa and the seventh fastest growing city in the world.

Tin Can Island Port is the product of a merger between the port facilities at the roll-on/roll-off international car shipping and heavy equipment shipping facility and Tin Can Island in 2006. Tin Can is a self-contained international shipping port entered through Badagry Creek via a 200m wide channel. Tin Can Island / Lagos, Nigeria ro/ro port handles incoming equipment such as cranes, excavators, dump trucks, back hoes and trailer shipping from the USA and other countries. Tin Can Island also handles international container shipping.

Some notable features of the Port of Tin Can Island, Nigeria include:

  • 5 vehicle parks for international car shipping services – each able to accommodate 6000 cars at a time
  • 5 transit sheds and three warehouses offering a covered storage area of 54,000m2 and an open storage area of 125,000m2
  • Berth No 9 has special ro-ro ramps to accommodate incoming international construction equipment shipping ro-ro vessels
  • Tin Can has its own electricity supply power station with seven sub-stations throughout the port
  • To maintain tight security, Tin Can has a separate security system with a police station manned by the Nigeria Police Force backed up by private security organizations

For more information about the port of Tin Can Island please visit: The Nigerian Ports WebsiteTo receive car shipping quotes and quotes for commercial cargo and heavy equipment shipping from the USA to West Africa and Lagos / Tin Can Island, Nigeria visit our international automobile shipping and other rate request pages or send us an email.