Southampton, United Kingdom

Port of Call: Southampton, UK

The port of Southampton is located in the southern part of the United Kingdom approximately 135 kilometers from the city of London. Southampton has always played a major role in the transportation industry of the United Kingdom. Before modern aircraft the majority of international transportation to and from the UK was through the port of Southampton. In the 1800’s the opening of a railway linking the port to London turned the port into a major trading hub for the country. In addition to the boost in international trade, the port serviced passenger vessels destined to overseas locations throughout Europe. By the early 1900’s the port handled close to 50% of all passenger ocean traffic. Today the port is the second largest port in the country with the capability of handling a wide range of international shipping services including the shipment of cars, containers and bulk freight.

While the port of Felixstowe in eastern UK is the busiest port, the port of Southampton is the major international car shipping port in the United Kingdom. Roll-On / Roll-Off Vessels carrying passenger cars, trucks, heavy machinery, bulk and rolling cargo arrive into the UK through the port of Southampton. The majority of automobile shipments from the United States to the UK are shipped to the port of Southampton. Due to the high volume of shipments arriving and departing from the port, a large number of international shipping companies are located near the port in order to provide customs clearance, unloading and a variety of other shipping services.

Some notable features of the port of Southampton, United Kingdom:

• Since the vast majority of overseas car shipping service arrives through the port of Southampton, the port has four multi-story storage facilities providing over 30 acres of storage for vehicles.

• Due to its strategic location, the port serves as either the first or last stop for international shipping service from the United States to North Europe. Other stops within this major trade lane include ports in Hamburg, Germany; Rotterdam, Netherlands, Antwerp, Belgium and Le Havre, France.

• The port of Southampton is linked by rail to most major cities in the UK including London and Birmingham.

• Southampton is located slightly upriver and is sheltered by the Isle of the Wight. As a result, the port is protected against harsh weather conditions that normally force other ports to close.

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