Shenzhen, China

Located on the South China Sea, Port Shenzhen is one of China’s busiest container ports, and the world’s fasted growing business and transportation center. Port Shenzhen contains approximately 39 shipping companies, more than 130 international container routes, and 560 ships running on a monthly basis to control for the large amounts of imported and exported cargo being transported across international waters. The port’s proximity to a busy metropolitan center like Hong Kong makes Shenzhen even more attractive to international shipping clients.

Port Shenzhen has features that allow for all types of international shipping services, including roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) shipping and container equipment shipping. With 140 berths for vessels and a 260 kilometer coastline, clients never have to worry about their cargo being transported overseas.

Some notable features for the port of Shenzhen, China include:

  • The Port of Shenzhen is actually a number of ports scattered along the 260km coastline of Shenzhen in the Guangdong province.
  • Port Shenzhen is considered to be the fastest growing and busiest container port in the world.
  • The ports at Shenzhen contain both deep-water pockets and safe natural harbors that make international shipping into China extremely safe.

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