Pisco, Peru

International Shipping to Pisco, Peru

On the south coast of Peru, about 40 minutes outside of Pisco, sits Peru’s most influential shipping port. It is also located 270 km south of Lima, the capital, in the buffer zone of Paracas National Reserve. The area serves to protect ecosystems and promote sustainability. The port opened in 1969 and, despite a significant earthquake in 2007, the port is back on track to establishing itself as a leader in the region. As a medium-sized port, Port Pisco handles fishing boards, bulk carriers, and general cargo. They also offer services in unloading, storage, and empty storage container shipping. Furthermore, the port is a major destination for cruise ships! The port’s mission is “To develop and operate a multipurpose terminal, complying with the best technical, social and environmental standards; and generating value for society, our clients and our shareholders.”

Port of Pisco Modernization & Environment Management

In 2018, the port began a substantial modernization project. It will include new state-of-the-art buildings, including a general cargo warehouse of 3,000 m2, a maintenance workshop of 1,445 m2, a refrigerated container platform, a 3-level operations building of 208 m2, and a new dock. Part of the modernization project has also been updating the port’s environmental standards, which are currently the best in Peru. In today’s world, the environment is of the utmost importance and they are setting an example for others to follow. The port’s Environmental Management System oversees a group of programs committed to the standards including solid waste management, environmental quality monitoring, environmental audit and inspection, environmental training, and environmental participation. Lastly, the port has a social fund that promotes its health, education, tourism, and fishing sectors. One responsibility of the social fund is maintaining a strong and respectful relationship with the surrounding communities.

Notable Features of Pisco Port Include:

  • The port’s fundamental values are responsibility, coherence, efficiency, and transparency. 
  • It handles around 9,000 TEU and 1.5 million tons annually.
  • Imported cargo is limited to a length of 286 meters, a draught of 12.4 meters, and a deadweight of 64793t.
  • The port accepts RO/RO, bulk or grains, and fractional cargo.

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