Mundra, India

Located on the Gulf of Kutch in the northwestern part of India, Port Mundra is the largest private port and an important entry into India. Port Mundra’s location on the Gulf of Kutch makes it a very attractive and effective port to transport cargo to since Port Mundra and the Gulf of Kutch are located en route to major maritime routes and nearby rail, road, air, and pipeline connections. With the port’s ample storage space, multiple terminals, and modernized infrastructure, clients should not hesitate to ship their cargo to Port Mundra, India, from the United States.

Port Mundra, India, prides itself on the ability to accept and handle diverse cargo. This includes minerals, steel and project cargo, fertilizer, and agricultural equipment and products.

Port Mundra has been designed to handle all types of cargo, and thus can also accept automobiles, construction and high heavy equipment, dry bulk, liquid cargo, cargo in containers, and break bulk cargo. Port Mundra has both container and RO/RO terminals, making it easy for clients to transport both self-propelled and static cargo to India. In fact, the port consists of ten berths for dry bulk and break-bulk cargo, three berths for liquid cargo, six container and roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO) berths, and three mechanized import cargo berths. Shippers in the United States can transport virtually any cargo, regardless of dimensions or type, from all ports in the United States with the help of K International Transport’s overseas shipping services.

Some Notable Features of Port Mundra, India:

  • Port Mundra, India, can handle approximately 139 million tons of cargo annually./li>
  • The port will be undergoing several renovations and improvements, including building two thermal power plants and a new terminal site with three berths.
  • The country of Kazakhstan is considering building a terminal at Port Mundra.
  • Port Mundra has four container terminals, with the capability to handle approximately 7.5 TEUs.
  • Port Mundra established its RO/RO terminal in 2009. The terminal has a buffer yard and washing facility so that vehicles can be parked and washed.
  • Because of India’s monsoons, Port Mundra has established mechanisms and procedures for evacuation and protection of the port and cargo from the elements.

How K International Transport Can Help

An experienced international shipping company like K International Transport can help clients transport all types of cargo from ports in the United States including New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, and Washington, to Port Mundra, India, via ocean freight shipping. K International Transport can help clients make important decisions about their shipments, including the choice between container shipping options and RO/RO transport, and can give advice about customs regulations in India.

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