Le Havre, France

Port of Call: Le Havre, France

At the mouth of the Seine River lies the Port of Le Havre. The port’s location near two major European motorways—the A131 and the A29—and its 24-hour access by sea makes it one of France’s most efficient ports for international shipping services. In fact, it moves 60% of all containers brought into the country.

Ships have been arriving at the Port of Le Havre since 1517. However, after taking some devastating blows during World War II, the port called for total reconstruction based on the site plan of 1939. Today, the Port of Le Havre consists of a series of canal-like docks. As a deep-water seaport, Le Havre can accommodate all types of vessels around the clock including roll-on/roll-off vessels for international automobile shipping and heavy equipment shipping, without any tidal restrictions.

Some notable features of the port include:

  • The second biggest French port and fifth biggest North-European port with several international shipping companies holding offices there.
  • Strategic location as one of the first main ports called in Northern Europe
  • As of January 2010, the Port of Le Havre Authority carries an ISO 28000 certification for its corporate security system. It is the first European port authority, and the second worldwide, after Houston, to be certified, thus offering a premier security process to its customers.
  • The port has one of the shortest transit times for intercontinental trade

For more information about the port of Le Havre please visit Port of Le Havre’s Website. To receive international container shipping, international boat shipping, international construction equipment shipping and car shipping quotes to France and other parts of Europe from the United States visit our rate requests page.