Jebel Ali (Dubai), United Arab Emirates

Port of Call: Jebel Ali (Dubai), United Arab Emirates

Approximately 35 minutes outside of the bustling metropolis of Dubai is one of the world’s busiest ports, Jebel Ali. Opened in 1979, the port of Jebel Ali is the largest port in the Middle East and is the main port for the United Arab Emirates. The port of Jebel Ali serves as a major link between North America, South America and the Middle East and Asia. The port is able to accommodate container and roll-on / roll-off cargo including cars and heavy equipment shipping and is also conveniently located near a major expressway linking the port with the main cargo airport in Dubai.

Although the port was expanded in 2007, there are still plans to increase the size of the port sevenfold by 2030. The extended port will include the creation of new berths, container yards and new buildings for international shipping companies and other businesses. If the expansion goes as planned, the port of Jebel Ali will be able to accommodate over 55 million 20′ containers and will make it the world’s biggest container port. With increased container, high heavy and overseas car shipping service to the port of Jebel Ali from the USA and other parts of the world, the port expansion is expected to attract more international shipping traffic through the United Arab Emirates.

Some notable features for the port of Jebel Ali (Dubai):

  • In 2011 Jebel Ali was the world’s 9th busiest port
  • While container and international car shipping services are very popular to the port of Jebel Ali, the port is also used for other purposes. Jebeli Ali just happens to be the most frequently used port by the United States Navy. Almost all sailors in the USA navy pass through Jebel Ali at some point.
  • Jebel Ali is the world’s largest man made harbor
  • After six years of construction, in 2007 the port was expanded and is now able to accommodate and handle over 2.2 million 20′ containers per month
  • Jebel Ali port has 22 berths and 78 cranes and is able to handle container, break bulk and roll-on / roll-off cargo.
  • The Jebel Ali Free Zone was created in 1985 and offers specialized tax and import duty exemptions for businesses located in the free zone.

For more information about the port of Jebel Ali (Dubai) and international trade in the United Arab Emirates visit the Dubai Trade Website. To receive an international car, high heavy, construction equipment and container shipping quote visit our rate request pages for more information and to submit your request for a quote.