Georgetown, Guyana

Located on the north coast of South America, along the East Bank of the Demerara River, is the Port of Georgetown, Guyana. Guyana is one of the region's smallest and least populated countries, but it has been growing both in terms of population and economic significance. It’ most known for being rich in natural resources like gold and diamonds. Georgetown is the capital city and has been growing as the hub for all significant country activities. It’ is also the headquarters of the Caribbean Regional Integration Organization.

Popular Cargo at Port Georgetown

This medium-sized port has over 40 years of experience. It recently received a new certificate and was deemed ISPS compliant in 2015. While it is mostly operated by the Guyana National Shipping Corporation, other small companies do help run the port. Guyana and Port Georgetown also created the Shipping Association of Guyana to give stakeholders more of a say in the shipping industry, establishing them as a high-ranking port. Georgetown’s most common exports include sugar, rice, marine goods, and tactile materials. Its most common imports are machinery, container goods, and petroleum products. Specifically, it frequently handles forklifts, containers, cranes, trailers, haulers, tractors, and loaders. It is also important to mention that it ships to and from almost all continents. In addition to shipping, the port offers customs brokerage, insurance, transportation, clearing, forwarding, and stevedore services. Its mission is “to ensure that we provide excellent Maritime Transportation services to customers and principles through the use of modern equipment, good financial management, and skilled personnel, working with integrity, for the benefit of all stakeholders.”

Notable Features of Port Georgetown, Guyana, Include:

  • It handles around 50,000 tons of cargo each year.
  • Ships must have a maximum length of 175 meters and a draught of no more than 8.2 meters.
  • It has 4 terminals including: La Penitence, Apron Quay, Pathway Dock, and Marshalling Yard.

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