Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Dammam is the second-most trafficked port in Saudi Arabia—next to Jeddah—and is the gateway into the Eastern and Central Provinces of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This includes the capitol city of Riyadh, the country’s largest oil industries, and other major cities in the Eastern and Central Provinces of Saudi Arabia. Officially named the King Abdul Aziz Port at Dammam, the port has recently received increased funds from Saudi Arabia, totaling over $750 million. The lion’s share of these funds have been allocated towards expanding the port’s terminal capacity. The port of Dammam routinely handles construction equipment shipping, heavy equipment shipping and trailer shipping. Dammam is also a major port of entry for personally owned vehicles, and K International is an expert in overseas car shipping to both Dammam and Jeddah ports in Saudi Arabia.

K International is an experienced international shipping company and provides international transport services to the port of Dammam from the United States by roll-on / roll-off, breakbulk and container shipping vessels. Construction equipment shipping of Komatsu, Kobelco, Deere, Caterpillar and other construction equipment and agricultural equipment including hydraulic excavators, motor graders, dump trucks, and trailers to Saudi Arabia has become more and more common as development in the area continues. In addition to that, we have many customers that use our services to ship high-end luxury vehicles to Dammam for use in Riyadh or other major cities in the region.

King Abdul Aziz port, Dammam is equipped with an efficient highway system that connects Dammam to other major hubs in Saudi Arabia, as well as to the surrounding Gulf States. Also notable is its railway connection to Riyadh dry port. The entire port area covers an area of approximately 193,000,000 square meters, and continues to develop and grow to meet increasing international shipping demand in the area.

Some details of the port of Dammam

  • Berths 4 – 13 are used for general cargo and are connected to the rail system for easy access to the greater rail network
  • Berths 14 – 22 are also used for general cargo, and include Roll On / Roll Off ramps at berths 14 and 22
  • Berths 23 – 26 house the container terminal and an additional Roll On / Roll Off ramp
  • Berths 27 – 29 are reserved for Roll On / Roll Off and project cargo

For more information about the port of Dammam you can vist the website of King Abdul Aziz Port, Dammam.

K International is ready to help you arrange shipment of agricultural equipment, construction equipment, all types of heavy machinery and other commercial cargo to Dammam, Saudi Arabia from many ports of export in the United States, as well as inland locations. Please send us a rate request and we will provide an affordable and comprehensive international heavy equipment shipping or international car shipping price within 24 hours.