Bremerhaven, Germany

The Port of Bremerhaven is the international seaport for the city-state of Bremen, Germany. Founded in 1827, the city of Bremerhaven is new by European standards. However, its ideal location has made it an important port for trade and international shipping services and it is one of Germany’s principle seaports. The Port of Bremerhaven is the 4th largest container port in Europe and the world’s 16thlargest container port. More cars move through the Port of Bremerhaven via overseas car shipping roll-on/roll-off vessels than any other European city except Rotterdam.

When visiting the Port of Bremerhaven, be sure to enjoy a trip to the Deutsche Schiffartsmuseum (Museum of Sea Travel) where you can explore several ships, including a submarine. This museum explores the history of Germany’s military and merchant navies. It contains exhibits covering everything from medieval shipping to modern fishing, international cargo shipping, and oceanography.

Some notable features of the port of Bremerhaven, Germany include:

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