Bangkok, Thailand

Nestled in the Gulf of Thailand rests the thriving cultural hub of Bangkok. As one of the world’s largest tourist locations with over 8 million residents, the Port of Bangkok is important to the local and national economies. The Port of Bangkok is a cultural, political, and economic center for Thailand and much of Southeast Asia. As the city of Bangkok has grown, so has the port. Since the early 1970s the Port of Bangkok has undergone unparalleled growth. In addition to handling the different overseas shipping companies export and import business, the Port of Bangkok is also a popular port for a number of cruise ships.

The Port of Bangkok lies on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in the Kongtoey District of Bangkok. Bangkok port is capable of handling various international shipping services and has ample connections to the nation’s road and rail networks and supports fast and efficient transport and distribution of cargoes.

Some notable features for the Port of Bangkok include:

  • Two areas dedicated for handling international automobile shipping, including an open area of 6.9 thousand square meters and covered area of 7.9 thousand square meters.
  • Bonded warehouses
  • Warehouse No. 1 containing an operating area of about 6.5 thousand square meters serving all types of cargoes. The warehouse also contains a cold storage room of 258 square meters for sensitive products like wine, computer products, or cigarettes.
  • Warehouse No. 2 covers over 3.1 thousand square meters and serves heavy equipment shipping cargoes with a floor load of up to five tons per square meter. Warehouse No. 2 is currently being expanded by an additional 4.5 thousand square meters.

For more information about the port of Bangkok please visit:Port of Bangkok’s Website. For competitive international shipping freight rates and transport quotes to the port of Bangkok from the United States visit our rate request pages, we will respond to all requests within 2 business days.