Apra Harbour, Guam

Located on the Western part of the American territory, Port Apra Harbour is a deep water port in Guam used for both naval and commercial purposes. Since the acquisition of Guam by the United States in 1898, Port Apra Harbour has been an important port in the Pacific for U.S interests as well as for international commercial shipping.

Port Apra Harbour is especially popular among the United States military and navy, as well as their families, who relocate back and forth between Guam and the United States. Because of this, Apra Harbour accepts virtually all cargo, including automobiles through both roll-on/roll-off and container shipping.

Some notable features for the port of Apra Harbour, Guam include:

  • Port Apra Harbour is considered one of the best natural ports in the Pacific Ocean, and is a popular tourism destination for scuba divers because of a few famous shipwrecks in the area, including a German merchant ship and a World War II Japanese freighter.
  • The port accepts approximately two million tons of cargo annually.
  • Apra Harbour is the biggest deep-water port in the Western Pacific and the busiest in Micronesia.
  • The southern part of the port is designated as Naval Base Guam, and the northern part is the commercial port.
  • The natural harbor is formed by the Orote Peninsula and Cabras Island

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