Antwerp, Belgium

The Port of Antwerp in Belgium lies on the banks of the River Shelde, around 88 kilometers from the North Sea. Throughout its history, this port has been a key area for international shipping services from many different countries and empires. Around the 10th century, the River Shelde was a boundary for the Holy Roman Empire and the Port of Antwerp was a critical military post that helped establish a defensive line from potential invaders.

The modernization of the Port of Antwerp actually began under the direction of Napoleon Bonaparte. He initiated the first building of the first modern docks with the construction of the Bonaparte Dock. From 1816 until 1929, the port dramatically increased in size and the volume of cargo it handled. The modern day port is recognized as the second-largest in Europe and handles massive amounts of international car transport and heavy equipment shipping cargo on a daily basis. The channels and piers are at a large depth of 36 to 40 feet, and have various port amenities and crane sizes available to assist with container lifting and construction equipment shipping handling.

Some interesting facts about the port of Antwerp:

  • Second largest port in all of Europe
  • Extremely large harbor and deep waters allow for heavy ships and lots of cargo including international car shipping and heavy equipment shipping cargo
  • Beginnings of the modern-day port started by Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Large dry docks and numerous amenities available

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