Alexandria, Egypt

As the second most important city—next to Cairo—and Egypt’s main port, Alexandria handles over three quarters of the country’s foreign trade. It is also one of the world’s oldest ports with the first facilities being built circa de 1900 BC. The port of Alexandria is equipped to handle international construction equipment shipping, heavy equipment shipping and trailer shipping. As one of the leading international shipping companies, K International provides international shipping services to the port of Alexandria from the United States via roll-on / roll-off, breakbulk and container shipping vessels. Heavy equipment shipping of Caterpillars and other construction equipment including cranes, excavators, bulldozers and motor graders to Alexandria has grown in recent years.

The Port of Alexandria rests on the West Verge of the Nile Delta between the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Mariut. The port consists of two harbors—East and West—which are separated by T-shaped peninsula. The harbor, as a whole, is formed by two converging breakwaters. The East harbor is shallow and is not navigable by large vessels, while the West harbor is used for commercial shipping.

Some notable features of the port of Alexandria

When you arrive at the port of Alexandria you’ll find there are six zones:

  • First Zone: Used for general cargo handling.
  • Second Zone: This zone primarily manages construction equipment shipping vessels. The four major types of activities in this zone include the handling of: unified cargoes including a Ro Ro and passenger terminal, stuffed bulk cargoes, and barge discharge.
  • Third Zone: Used for handling general cargo and barge discharge.
  • Fourth Zone: Used for handling containers, cement, coal, barge discharge, fertilizers, and general cargo.
  • Fifth Zone: Used for handling: molasses, timber, some types of general cargoes, barge discharge, grains and flour.
  • Sixth Zone (Oil Dock): Situated at the western boundaries of the port, is used for handling edible oil, oil products and for providing bunkers. It also includes berths used for handling livestock. The port does not include oil storage facilities, but oil berths are connected to a refinery through a 2 km long pipeline.

For more information about the port of Alexandria please visit Alexandria Port Authority’s Website.

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